Still trying to decide


So, we’ve narrowed our next trip down to Aug. 21-27 or Dec. 5-11.

The pros of the August trip:

  1. last week of summer vacation, no days to take off of school
  2. value season
  3. low crowds?
  4. August comes before December:happy:

The cons of the August trip:

  1. hot and humid
  2. hot and humid
  3. hot and humid:blink:
  4. oh, and hurricane season
  5. it’s still summer vacation and such a great time to be in northern WI at our vacation home

The pros of the December trip:

  1. great weather by WI standards
  2. value season
  3. low crowds?
  4. Christmas decorations

The cons of the December trip:

  1. DS misses five days of school although I’ve been told by a variety of my teacher colleagues that it’s such a goofy time of the year, he wouldn’t miss anything
  2. I take three days of payroll deduct (2 personal days)
  3. it’s eleven months away!!!:pinch:

We’re a couple of months out on finding out airfare, but I’m thinking August might be a little cheaper. That’s not a for sure, though. AirTran and Southwest both have possibilities.

For those of you who have been there around both of those times, I need some convincing one way or the other for both options. :mellow: (Unless, of course, I win the lottery and we can go both times! :laugh:)


My vote is December!
I don’t think I could take the heat and humidity in Aug.
I’d LOVE to see the Christmas decorations :happy:
Good luck!
Either way is a win,win :laugh:


I would absolutely do December if possible. Personally, I will never go to WDW during the month of August again. Horribly hot (you get tired & don’t want to do as much), tropical season (hurricanes/tropical storms) & it’s always RAINY, it’s still pretty crowded, and that period during “Free Dining” seemed to be the worst… like families were all trying to squeeze the trip in before school started again so the restaurants were packed.

In December it’s cooler, amazing holiday decorations, and if it’s before school break it’s not as crowded.


Beginning of Dec is nice, cool in the day, ok at night. the kids were swimming at night even though it was only 50.:eek:we were wearing coats! crowds were heavier than when we went in April/May…thats why next time we go back we’re doing April/May.:laugh:

The decorations were nice to see, although doing it again isn’t high on my list.

I would never go June/July/August…I don’t think I can do the heat…I’m taking my boys out of school for 8 days…It will be worth it:laugh::laugh:


Both are good times. I fully understand the humidity issue. I live in the south. I got it. :laugh: But we also have learned the joy of a nice afternoon siesta. We leave the parks and hit the room and/or pool. This is also a great time to partake in a few adult beverages. Last time I checked my cards I was on vacation also. Then go out and hit the parks as everyone is leaving. And also take advantage of late EMH.

Now December can be 80 or 40 (sometimes 30). The day time temps are generally towards the higher mark. But if it is hot in FL it will also be hot to you coming from WI. It’s all relative.

Poll the family. I like late August/ early September. But I also like hot weather.


We go to WDW in August almost every year, and we completely expect it to be hot and sticky, and that doesn’t really bother any of us. We also took a trip this past December, and it was a very nice time to go. I had been one other time at Christmas a looooonnnnnngggg time ago, and DH used to always go at Christmas as a child, but this was our children’s first time to go in winter months. It’s kind of funny how they didn’t like the temperatures being cooler–I think they go expecting to sweat their little guts out!:laugh:

All that said, we are sort of in the same situation you are–to go in August or December. Airfare is not a concern for us, as we drive. Like you, if we go in August it will be before the children are back in school, but if we go in December the kids will miss about 3 days of school. For me, I think it will come down to crowd levels. When I look at the crowd calendar, the week we are considering for August has heavier crowds than the week we are considering in December, so I think we will end up doing another Christmas trip.

I think you need to weigh what is most important to you. Weather is of little consequence to my family because we don’t have terrible winters that we are trying to escape, and we are fairly acclimated to hot, humid weather. I just want as few other people to be there as possible. :laugh:


Sally, I can’t remember if you’ve ever been to wdw while the Christmas decorations are up. If not, you have to go in December. If you have, you still have to go in December. :biggrin: It’s pure magic and as you said, the weather is such a nice change from our cold, snowy weather. We find it breaks up the winter too. Doesn’t seem so long. Happy planning. :happy:


I would never go in August. I melt easily… We’ve gone in Dec every year for years. I always had the kids ask for school assignments in advance so they wouldn’t be behind when they returned to school. Most teachers don’t have a problem with it. It’s always worked out.


My vote is August! Thats almost exactly the time we go every year. We go roughly from the 24th to the 1st of sept. And while yes, the weather is humid, and theres an occasional thunderstorm, and those ever so welcomed (atleast in our family) rainshowers, it’s really an oppurtune time to go. Think about it. Free dining promo’s going on. Low crowds. And as long as rain doesnt bother you, thats a plus!

We’re from the east coast, rain is second nature to us! And whenever we go to WDW people RUN AND HIDE like it’s fire falling from the sky. Alot of people go back to their hotels or hide in gift shops, making those low crowds, even lower! It’s really a great time to go and see the world! :]

And August will definitely be cheaper. Dec is usually always a more expensive time to go.

Although I have been to WDW at the end of nov, the beginning of Dec, it’s a little chilly, but beautiful with the decoartions. I still prefer August!


August is HOT…but you may get a free dining offer. December was nice and the decorations were beautiful, but when we were at WDW in 2008 (Dec7-13) it was REALLY crowded. The good part about going in August is you get to take full advantage of the water parks; which are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!


I have been during the summer and it is hot. I now go during the time you want to go and love it. I pulled two of my children out of school and it was no problem.


If I had the ability, I wouild choose December hands-down. I don’t,so August it is.


I know you said “HOT AND HUMID” but you have to remember HOT and HUMID…
Hot and Humid is no fun if you have a choice. Go with December, it will be here befor you know it. You also might beable to catch Mickeys Christmas Party


Thanks for all the input! It really does help. We’ll ponder for another month or so when we can get a better idea of airfare. We’ve been to WDW for one Christmas week and three Easter weeks so we’re really looking forward to smaller crowds. I swear that’s our biggest motivation this time :laugh:. But, hey, it’s WDW so we’ll just be happy to be there whether it’s August OR December! :happy:


Christmas is a such a festive time to enjoy the entire WDW world!


I went this past December and it was amazing! It was perhaps the best trip I’ve ever had to WDW. We were there from the Sunday after Thanksgiving until December 7 and the crowds were relatively light, and the weather was extremely comfortable, with the exception of a day and a half of rain(manageable for Florida, IMHO). It was value season too.


Everyone should go at the end of August! We can have a mini-meet! :slight_smile: Kinda selfish on my part, I know!
I loved the FD last year- hated the heat. DD didn’t have to miss school. Jr. high is different than K-6! Crowds were the same imo.
December was fun but I prefer MNSSHP to MVMCP. Just depends on what you like!


Okay, I’ve never been those times of year myself (we’re spring WDW travellers) however, we are planning a future Nov/Dec trip for next year, so if I had to choose between Aug or Dec, I’d choose Dec, and here’s why:

Christmas Decor, have to experience that at least once
MVMCP, again, a must do at least once
Good Weather
Low crowds? (I would assume lower than summer vacation crowds)
Cheaper airfare than summer fares
Free dining was extended into December this year so hopefully you could grab that again!!

We’ve had many friends visit WDW in July/August/September, and all have come back saying they would never go that time of year again. The humidity was just too overwhelming for them. Good luck with the decision. Either way you’re in for a great vacation!!:mickey: