Still waiting for MNSSHP


I have to book my frequent flyer mileage by Next Friday and I am still hoping to get the schedule for the MNSSHP. We have reservations from Wed 9/27 to Tues 10/03. What are the chances that there will be one Friday & Sunday? Our preference is Sunday 10/1. when did they release the dates last year?


They usually do have the party on Fridays and Sundays.

Check out this website:

According to that site, you’re in luck! There is a party on 10/1.

HAVE FUN!!! :cool:


I heard it starts on 9/29/06. The park hours for that day shows that MK closes at 6:00 so I assumed that is why. When do the tickets usually go on sale for that?


I think I got mine in early may last year. I know I bought them before my DD was out of school for the year.


I might actually try this party this October when I go for my birthday trip.


I wish they would release the “OFFICIAL” dates from disney. I need to plan my trip but I need dates! :mickey: