Still wearing my last EMH band


just got home this morning 8 am Texas time … I have so much to do … but I just looked down and noticed I still have on my last EMH wrist band :slight_smile: think I will leave it another day :slight_smile:


lol Now that’s going to be hard to take off! I hope you had a wonderful time!


We arrived home (TX too) on Saturday afternoon and DD STILL has on her wristband from MVMCP from 12/18. She said she wasn’t sure when she was going to take it off!!

Having the band on helped us on 12/22, our last night at MK. DM wanted a MVMCP shirt from Sunday (she didn’t realize they sold them until I showed her mine back in the room), we asked a CM at the Emporium and she said we’d have to present our ticket to buy merchandise they had stored in the back. Well we didn’t have tickets of course…it was 5 days after the party…but DD had her wrist band and DM, DS, & DD got their Tshirts!! DM was thrilled! What a great CM, huh??


Leave it on…it will save you time next time you go…no waiting in line for a new one.


Leave it on as long as you can!

(Mine come off immediately because they drive me crazy.)


Leave it on–you’ll think about all the fun you had!


Oh Tink, welcome back! I was so excited to find out that you were joining your grand daughters! Hope your trip was everything you hoped it would be.


Welcome back, hope you had a great time. Now that’s a true diehard Disney fan.


Welcome back T !!



YAY! ;c)

Hurry and tell me everything!


Awww, I am sad I never ran into you in the parks. I was hoping to meet you. Well I hope you had a great time and I cannot wait to read the trip report! And see lots of pictures! :mickey:


I took my bands off everytime we got back to the resort. They end up scratching my arms so I don’t like to keep them.


lol well mine is not bothering me at all … I just may leave it on till you can not even tell what it says any more :slight_smile: gingita … I wondered where you were …thought of you often … and Pooh Fan and others I knew were there. there was this one sweet CM at Epcot one night … I thought about you then … a cute sweet young blonde girl who talked to Aloha and I as we left the WSC. I also wondered about the woman from Scotland, DH spoke to, could it have been Missy… but since this woman had a young son with her I guess not. But watch my pictures …who knows who will show up in them!!!


:laugh: That’s me, too!

Welcome back you guys…


I hate taking off my bands after one of those events. It seems like it makes the magic last longer if you just leave it on…just a little bit longer… I completely understand. :biggrin:


It is depressing to remove something like that but if you put it in a scrapbook or photo album it makes a nice keepsake.


My DD understands that…she wore her MNSSHP band for over a week…lol


this one was from Thursday night at Epcot … so … I am thinking I will at least leave it on till Thursday … or longer :slight_smile:


Oh yea, those bands are GREAT keepsakes. I don’t throw anything away from my WDW trips… If it says “Disney” or “WDW” on it, then it’s a keepsake. :biggrin:


I vote you leave it on until the magic dissipates. You’ll know that time has come when you try to fly - and can’t.