Stingray Encounter!


I just recieved in the mail today, an advertisement for Disney Cruise Lines! In the flyer, they mention some new things that they are going to do! Among them are:

Stingray Encounter at Castaway Cay
A new large screen TV at the Goofy Pool on the Disney Magic
A larger Spa onboard the Disney Magic

The flyer didn’t go into much detail, so if I can find out anything more, I’ll post that info right here! :cool:


LOL!! I got the same flyer in the mail today too. Monday night, I went to the resort lobby and grabbed new maps of all the parks for my scrapbooks, and I noticed the Disney cruise ship, so I took one as a joke to give to hubby, (we went on a DC 2 years ago, loved it, but can’t afford it anytime soon) I gave it to him back in the room and he said yeah right, keep dreaming! But I did catch him looking through it last night when we got home. he-he I’ll have to point out the new features to him.


Yow! When I read the title, I thought you had an up close and personal meet with a stingray yourself!! LOL


Sounds fun. Wonder if these things will be $$$$.