Stitch back in Magic Kingdom show for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party


Orlando Sentinel - Stitch back in Magic Kingdom show for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party by

A trusted source reports that Disney is reviving a Stitch show that will be presented this year during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom. It’s name: “A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas,” but it will include the rascally character.

Expect it on the stage where Stitch was previously seen for the short-lived, much-panned Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration.

A Disney official told me they have nothing to announce at this time.

Reasons to believe: You had to know that stage wasn’t going to sit idle forever. But it has a distinct look that isn’t going to work for just anything, say, princesses, for example.

On August 10, when I was at MK to collect my Fun Card, I wandered over to Tomorrowland to see how deserted it felt. Mainly, on this side of Tomorrowland I bumped into smokers. But look, scaffolding on the site of the late, not-so-great SuperSonic Celebration (above). How much distress could it have gone under? A clue is given.

I had already been wondering about Very Merry, especially Mickey’s Twas the Night Before Christmas Show, which has been staged on the Galaxy Palace Theater. That was adjacent to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin – until the stage was demolished earlier this year.

But now I’m wondering about the interactive portions of the new show, if any. Very Merry is always after-hours, therefore after dark. Do they have the technology to project audience members onto the big screen? Or is that even planned. Not that they need to copy all the elements of the SuperSonic show. Santa, help us!

Very Merry runs for 19 select nights, beginning Nov. 19.

Sidenote: Disney officials confirm that the first night of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights has been moved up to Nov. 10 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It was originally on the calendar for Nov. 30. It will run through Jan. 4.


Well this could be interesting.


MVMCP starts on 11/10/09. I had to go look it up to make sure after reading the OP stating it began it’s run 11/19. We bought the tickets several weeks ago and I thought, well, did they change the dates? but Disney did not.

Now it will be nice seeing the Osborne lights that same trip. We usually see those during our NYE trip. Kathy