Stitch Stage Show coming to MK


I just saw this on AllEars. Apparently they are building a Stitch Stage Show between Space Mountain and Carousel of Progress.

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So cool! I have always wondered what they would use that stage for. I saw that construction as well and was wondering what they might be up to.

How does he know it what it will be, I wonder.


Bleh…the Lilo & Stitch movie was really cute and awesome…but a little of Stitch goes a long way. I’m getting tired of the Stitch-ness, but I suppose as long as its appealing to the kiddies…


Yeah, Stich does seem to be everywhere and his attraction is not that popular. But, I think this will be cool for the little boys.


Agreed. Why not make an attraction or show for Mulan, The Incredibles, or any other movie not already represented.


Interesting. I wonder why they push the stitch thing so much and not other new characters. I for one don’t think that this would interest anyone over the age of 12. Could I be wrong?


No. I don’t think you are wrong at all. :glare: I have to agree with Nastory…why not create a new stage show with Disney Characters that aren’t represented yet??? :confused:


Because I’m guessing Stitch is the only character that really fits with Tomorrowland. Maybe when this stage show goes live, they will get rid of Stitch’s Great Escape. I can’t imagine that attraction is doing that well and I don’t think they would have two Stitch attractions. The Incredibles might fit in there though, if Monsters do, then super heros should.:laugh:


EXACTLY what I was thinking! INCREDIBLES…


I’ll hold judgement until I actaully see the show, but I"m not very excited about it…


Follow this example guys. Don’t be so fast to wonder why Stitch. The show is going to be HILARIOUS!!! And some of the technology going into this show, man I can’t wait…and no I’m not telling the premise or why it’s going to be so funny. Just trust me. :biggrin:


I trust you!! :heart:

I saw the big hole in the ground when we were there in January! I also saw the stage ripped down that we saw Twas the night on! :frown: Any word on what they are putting back there?


We trust you Rowdy. I will wait to see how it is before I pass judgement. Any idea and when that might be?


Yay, I’ve been waiting for them to do something with that stage! :biggrin: I’m so glad it’s going to be put to use!! I bet this show will be really great, or they wouldn’t bother taking the time and money to put it together. :happy:


well Im slightly over the age of twelve about 38 years worth I love stitch ohanas breakfast is my favorite… i am so excited aobut this and will cant wait … i wonder when it is opening.


ugh… more Stitch. :glare: I loved the movie when it came out, and I thought it was cute that he popped up in random places around the MK (and the monorail) … but now he’s EVERYWHERE. And he took out my beloved Alien Encounter!! I’m still bitter about that… :pinch:

I won’t discount the show before I see it. But it better be pretty darn awesome. And by that I mean something that both children and adults enjoy - as opposed to the Stitch ride, which no one of either age group seems to enjoy… :laugh:


That sounds cool! The next time I go to WDW, I’m gonna have to check it out!!:smile:


I wonder if they don’t have a problem using Stitch (for what seems like the millionth time) in this show…possibly because they know the Stitch attraction isn’t going over well and they don’t envision it lasting too long? :whistling Who knows. Just a random thought. Or maybe they just don’t think the public can get too much Stitch!


As long it’s better than Stitch’s Great Escape (and the ghastly Alien Encounter)…


Glad to hear Rowdy that this will be good. My DS 10 loves Stitch, not sure why he only saw the movie once but Stitch has always been his fav. He enjoys WDW but could easily take a day on the golf course as well. He will be thrilled to see a new attraction with Stitch.