Stitch Update!


I just read this on Mouse Planets updates:

…A sign for the Galactic Federation Prisoner Transport Center, as well as other decor, has been erected on the Stitch’s Great Escape building. However, there are rumors surfacing that the scheduled October 1 date may slip to late October or even early November. Passholder preview dates, expected to be announced in late August, are still pending.

This is not looking good for our trip the begining of Oct. :eek:


Oh that’s wonderful news! Sorry if it doesn’t work out for you sjpurple but it looks like it will be open for my trip. I am sending magical wishes your way in hopes that it will open in time for your trip!


I’m with Kphil! So long as it’s open by the beginning of December… :whistling:


I hope the ride is open for you!! I can’t wait to see it for myself.


Ohhh…hope it opens for your guys! That would be a bummer., Nothing like a brand new attraction to see. I will send some pixie dust your way…hope it works out. :mickey:


I’m not going to worry yet but I hope this is open by our October Trip (15th-26th) or I’ll be bummed!! :nonono2:


My fingers are crossed and I’m throwing pixie dust around with my feet… :wink:


Geez, Mom. Why did you have to point that out? Now the most I can hope for is a soft opening while we are there, and you know Lil’ Brer will be disappointed if it isn’t open while we are there. She will be asking CMs and checking every day. Hey, maybe we need to be checking with RowdyRaider on this one. Where is he, anyway?


Now,now,lawwin. Be nice to your mama!!!(LOL)


I hope they have a soft opening in September!! I am counting on it!!!

Fingers crossed!!! :pinch:


I hope it’s open for a soft opening when I’m there next week, but if not, it’s ok too. I have never seen the timekeeper and it’s been many many years since I’ve seen COP (when i saw it last, it had the old song “now is the time…”, not “great big beautiful tomorrow”). I’d like to see stitch, but COP means a lot to me to see again, and timekeeper seems neat.


oh no! :noo: we’re going to be in WDW until early october and stitch’s great escape isn’t opening until late october? :crying: rob and i will be devastated if that’s the case. i’ve been looking forward to this as much as rob has to check out the new ride. rob loves stitch. oh, i hope they speed up the process and open it soon so we won’t have to wait until a future trip.


So, when you go down, you and Rob should do your best to look extra cute and be on your best behavior. During the “soft open” period (which is unpublicised and you never actually know about it until after it’s over) you might be lucky enough to get picked out of the crowd to “test” the ride.

I’ve heard reports of people riding Buzz during the soft open where the ride would stop oever now and then so that engineers could make adjustments to sightlines and whatnot. I’ve also heard that M:S had a fairly extensive soft open period of about 4 weeks.

Just keep your fingers crossed and maybe you’ll have the oppotunity to ride it before it actually opens.

And, if you don’t, you’ll just have to make plans to go back. :wink:


I don’t see that anyone has posted this yet but it is on the WDW site already



oh right. a soft opening. well, i plan on wearing my bridal ears throughout the visits to every park so i’ll make sure i appear extra cute. :wink: i would love to check it out before it officially opens. that would be cool. also, it’ll add some more fun to the trip. here’s hoping!


Awwww shucks! I sure was looking forward to seeing it! :frowning: