Stoller stolen in MK


We made it to MK after an exhausting 20 hr. drive… We didn’t get to the park until 7p and I had dinner reservations for us at 730 at Liberty Tree Tavern. We parked our brand new infant stroller on the porch with the other strollers and went in. (It was nothing fancy–just a baby trend stroller.) My oldest child had a fever, so my husband went back outside to get the motrin. He noticed the stroller was gone and came back in… We were only there maybe 15 minutes! Security came and wrote down the info, and they even got us a stroller to use; however, you can’t sit an 11week old in those Disney rental strollers… Our stroller never showed up in lost and found, so we were without a stroller… My advice-- put stickers or something that can’t be removed on your stroller that way a thief can’t take it and pass it off his own…


So horrible that someone would take a child’s stroller. Hope this doesn’t dampen the rest of your trip. Sucks when people gotta ruin things for others only out to have a good time. Glad to see that security and cm’s were very accomodating to your situation.


Just a real world reminder…WDW is make believe but unfortunately the guests don’t always check the ugly side of real world at the gate.


GEEZ - This is actually the 1st time I have heard of this. Sounds like someone said, “Naw we don’t need a stroller.” and after hours of lugging around a kid they just took the first stroller they saw.

So sorry about this.


OH MY that is horrible…


[QUOTE=dadofthree;1088242]GEEZ - This is actually the 1st time I have heard of this. Sounds like someone said, “Naw we don’t need a stroller.” and after hours of lugging around a kid they just took the first stroller they saw.

So sorry about this.[/QUOTE]

I have heard of this happening with the Disney Strollers, ppl just taking one, but not personal unless it was similar to their own and they made a mistake in taking it.
What a terrible thing to happen, esp at the beginning of the trip.


I was so afraid of this happening each time we left ours. Im so sorry it happened to you guys.


We had our personal stroller taken during Thanksgiving week. We came out of POC and it was gone. Disney provided us a rental stroller for the one day and we ended up buying one at MK. From there on in we make sure ours is identified. It does happen.


That is horrible.


Wow, that’s awful. It’s a good reminder that Disney isn’t crime-proof as some people believe.
We’ve always brought our personal strollers, however, we always remove any items of personal value when we leave it. We’ve never had a problem.
On our first couple trips I was worried about leaving it, so I used to leave a diaper on the top of the stroller. It was clean, but I wrapped it like it was used…haha :happy: I figured someone would rather take a stroller without a dirty diaper and leave ours! I laugh thinking about that now!
I used to bring a bike lock and lock the stroller to the rope fences within the stroller parking. This worked okay, previously, but I wouldn’t suggest it now that all the Disney stroller parkers are out moving and re-arranging strollers.


We’ve never had this problem, but I always wondered about it. I guess I will have to do something to my stroller in October to try and make it stand out a little.


I got these iron on patches that say I belong to. I was also thinking about maybe putting a luggage tag and/or a ribbon on mine.


The iron on patches sound like a great idea!!! I will definelty look into those. I figure the luggage tag could be removed easy, but the iron on would be a problem to try and remove. Thank you for the ideas!!!


Wow, it seems that you had a rough trip! A server chases you down for a bigger tip and your stroller is stolen? How was the rest of your trip?


After reading the other thread - I was thinking the same thing! Sounds like a really horrendous trip to me :ph34r: Hope the rest of it went better!


I was thinking the same too!

As for taking the stroller, I used to be lulled into a false sense of security in WDW. We would see strollers outside attractions with purchases on and bags etc and we used to think wow couldn’t do that in the UK. However, it seems even at the world we should never truly let our guard down. So sorry to hear this.


It was an ok trip. We still had fun. We ended up in Disney’s HH resort after and it was very relaxing. I am gonna do that from now on… Relax for a nite or 2 at the beach.


I think we need a full Trip Report:happy:
and btw, welcome to MB:biggrin:


not to say it wasnt stolen But the way staff move those strollers around its a wonder there isnt a building housing thousands of them as lost and found
I have seen people panic then realize a cast member has moved it and not just across the way but around the building down the alley to the left behind a tree
ITS Crazy.

You should really check in at lost and found

Also I have seen people mistakenly take strollers they honestly thought was theirs. Even seen this happen with the baby in the stroller ( didnt take long that the the white family were pushing an Asian baby and the Asian family had their much older white baby .( how they didnt know is beyond me but it was funny as heck to me and them.)


Welcome to MB, Rredlinger! I am so sorry to hear about your stroller! I’m floored, actually!