Stopping In To Give an Update


Stopping in to see if anyone is around. I too have fallen into the situation where I’m not here as much as I want to be. DW and I have tried to make the most of her situation and went to DL for the 50th anniversary event for the HM. That was very cool. It was a special ticket event that was from 12:00 midnight until 4:00am. Let me tell you, it’s been a long time since we did anything like that. However, the event was good. There were special things going on in the mansion. Live actors in the hallway with the candelabra, the dinning room table and the hitchhiking ghosts.


Happy to see that you stopped in Capt. Glad that you and your DW could get there and have some enjoyment. Have thought of you and your DW often since we chatted a LONG time ago. Glad she is doing better.


Hi!, It’s good to see you. That sounds like a great event. We are headed back to WDW next week. It has been a long time since we have spend a stretch of days there. Usually it is one day prior to a cruise.
Side note- I feel like I remember that we might live in the same Indiana town.


Thanks for the kind thoughts. She is better but she has a long way to go.


Hello jk8!. Yes you are correct we do live in the same town. Although we never discused exactly where, I believe we are very near the same Kroger. Nice to hear from you. How was your trip?