Stories of Cast Memebers Going Above and Beyond!


So reading over a recent thread, had me thinking back to times when I’ve encountered Cast Members at Walt Disney World that really went above and beyond what was expected of them to make a situation more amazing or magical. (Whether it be a good or bad situation.)

I’d love to hear everyone’s best CM story! Any takes? :wub:


Here’s one of mine. I have a few. :]

I went on vacation in 2007 I believe with my then best friends family, we were staying for 12 or 14 days, I can’t remember, and on about the 9th or 10th day her mom got a phone call that her older brother was missing. (He had had a history of depression and everyone was really concerned that he was missing.) My friends mom was a mess, and so scared for where her brother was. We decided to pack up and leave.

And while we were waiting in the lobby of the Yatch Club, my friends mom was sitting on a chair and sobbing, the most lovely male Cast Member came over, knelt to the ground, held her hand and talked with her for like 30 minutes. He gave her so much hope and peace of mind, it was a wonderful thing. And something she needed. Neither of her kids quite knew how to console her, and my friends dad was sorting things out with the concierge, and I had only known them 3 months, and I didn’t feel comfortable trying to help. That cast member really went above and beyond his duty to make a horrible situation seem more hopeful.


When we where at Disney in Oct. of 09, My youngest daughter went into an asthma attack on the bus to AK and no one would get up she was standing as we all where so my wife could use the portable enibulizer machine we always carry with us on vacation. And the bus driver after unloading the bus came back to us while my wife was giving her a treatment he held the bus up for us so she could get it done and made sure she was ok before we got off the bus. He even offered to get medical services to meet us at the front gate to the park for her if we wanted him to.


Alright …
It was closing time at Epcot at the Fife & Drum Kiosk… Wait, let me finish my story…

The awesome cast member that had served me numerous “drinks” earlier had told the person in line in front of me that they were shutting down … :eek:

When it was my turn this wonderful person laughed and said … “You again ?”
then proceeded to hand me 4 free “Drinks” and Ice cream for my DD…

I actually was shocked and tried to offer cash but they refused and told me to promise them that we would return the next night … I think you know the rest of this story… :pirate:

That’s my version of Above & Beyond … I like It !!! :laugh:


Thanks for posting your story in my “trip” report thread Stacey…

To re-tell my story here, while on the monorail from TTC to Epcot, my wife received the news that her dad had taken a turn for the worse and wasn’t going to last very long. We got off the monorail and went to the corner of the landing to regroup and make phone calls.

The monorail cast member (Michael? Jacob? David? Argh… I just can’t remember) could have just stayed at his post and done his job. Instead, he tentatively approached me and asked if everything was okay. I told him what we had found out, and he immediately offered to help in any way that he could.

When we had regrouped and decided on a plan, I went back to him, thanked him, and told him that we had a plan. He surprised me by asking for my father in law’s name… he wanted to pray for him and our family. I was very touched and shook his hand. As we walked down the monorail ramp, I told my wife and as we looked up to his position his head was bowed and hands clasped together - pretty obviously in prayer.

My f-i-l’s nurses didn’t think we would make it back in time… but we did with 36 hours to spare. My wife credits prayer for this.

I regret not getting his name correct, but I let Disney know about this and hopefully they can figure out who he is.



Our DD had a burst ear drum during the first ever MNSSHP. A cast member approached us as she was crying so hard ( she was only about 4 at the time) and we were trying to battle our way through the crowds. She took immediate control, callling ‘Coming through people’ and of course as she was a CM with a loud voice the crowds parted. She took us to the medical station (which I had never noticed before) and the nurse there advised us to get a doctor immediately. The CM again helped us vacated the park, and we returned to the resort and called Centra Care?
I was so worried about DD I didn’t get the CM’s name, but we did thank her profusely. There was no way we would have got through those crowds so speedily without her.


We didn’t have anything as serious as a medical emergency but the extra help we got was still appreciated. Last June we arrived around 8pm to get FP’s for Peter Pan. They had been gone for hours but we had the GADGAD cards and yet still came up short 1 FP in our party. A CM stuck his handy-dandy key into the machine and popped out an extra FP so our group could stay together.

Another day our group had scheduled a tour and were to meet at TTC at 7am to go into MK. One of the kids forgot their park tics and couldn’t enter so I had to go back to the resort, get her tic and get back to the group which put us about 30 min behind. Even though the CM was on a strict schedule and should’ve went ahead with the tour w/o the 2 of us, he smiled and waited patiently for my return then we headed to Mainstreet without missing a beat.

On many occasions we’ve had CM drive us from the Poly to front door of SoG and vice-versa in Golf Carts (which made the above scenario possible) to avoid having to walk, drive or take buses.


I love reading these stories… Warms my :heart:!


I had some pins on my back pack. While getting on the Figment ride my bag caught on the side and my tinkerbell pin fell down on the track. I was very upset as it was one of my favorites and was a couple years old, so I knew I could not replace it. The CM saw it happen and I asked him if it could be retrieved and he said not until the park closes and I would have to then go to lost and found. I figured I would never see it again. As I was exiting the ride, that CM came up to me with it. It really made the rest of my day that someone went out of their way for this small gesture to them (but big for me)

(right after that I bought those locking backs for pins)


This happened about 25 yrs ago. It was our first (and I thought our only, silly me) trip. My then 2 yr old DS was a terror. He was like a different kid than at home. He behaved like that “why don’t those parents do something about that kid” kid. We were using the Gold Plan. That was TS meals and stuff. So we were at a restaurant in Epcot. I believe it was the “good turn” at the land. So DS first thing, knocks over a glass of water over the table (cloth tablecloth) and I was in tears. The server came over and kindly said, “we’ll just fix this like a leaky tire, just patch it up”. And then put several cloth napkins over the spill. He then said to me, “it looks like you could use a cup of coffee”. He could have easily grumbled about that kid making a mess, but instead he used a simple act and a few kind words to make me feel so much better. And of course, I still remember it after all these years.


I agree! :happy: Thank you everyone for sharing! :heart:


These stories are wonderful, I love hearing them! Keep them coming!

Last trip, I suddenly felt really ill on the bus back to the resort, no idea what had come over me but I had paled and was struggling to keep straight. That night we were suppose to be attending Mickeys BackYard BBQ for the first time and had been looking forward to it for ages. We went over to concierge to tell them I wouldn’t physically be able to attend and was there anything that could be done, perhaps switch it to a different evening or anything? The CM was really apologetic telling us that there was no other availability - so she actually returned mine and mums credits for the night back onto the dining plan so we could use them another time. My Dad and brother went along to the dinner, leaving me puking up in the room with mum caring for me!

The next day I felt 100% better, walking through the lobby the CM from the previous evening seen us and asked how I was doing. We got talking about making a new reservation to make up for missing out on the Backyard BBQ - the CM managed to book us a Category ONE (Not usually bookable on the DDP) table at the Hoop De Du Revue!