Storm Safety at Epcot


I just saw this on the news. It looks like an interesting addition to Epcot New Disney Attraction To Teach Storm Safety - Entertainment News Story - WESH Orlando :minnie:


That does sound interesting. I wonder how it will go over with the little ones.


Well, I can tell you that MY little one would be completely freaked out by it. It would just get him worrying that a storm was going to come take our house out.


My kids are old enough now that it wouldn’t bother them, but it could be a very valuable learning experience.


I can’t imagine Disney would make anything that would truly scare the little ones. They did a wonderful job with the exhibit on fire safety.

Knowing what to do is so important as they things don’t happen all the time. Create a plan and practice!


I can think of someone who would like to see this.


this seems pretty interesting. something different at least!


I thought it was neat…something new to explore at WDW :slight_smile: