Stormalong Bay refurbishment


We leave in a few weeks and I just received a letter from Disney saying the slide at Stormalong Bay will be closed during our stay from May 2 through the end of the month:sad:…Then the letter went on to say if we wanted to “have a slide as part of your pool experience” we can use the Luna Park pool and slide at the BoardWalk Inn and shuttle transportation will be made available during this time:happy:…So I guess during remodeling, with Disney’s permission, I will…pool hop:laugh:


Pool Hopper!:laugh::laugh:


ssshh don’t tell :whistling:


We will be at BC in June–I hadn’t heard about Stormalong Bay being refurbished!! Has anyone seen info about this anywhere else? Now I’m worried…


The whole area was just refurbished a year or so ago so I’m guessing you will be fine in June. There must be an issue with just the slide.


You probably would have received a letter if you were to be effected. My brother is going in May and he received a letter the other day.


Kinda weird that they’re refurbishing at such a hot time of the year - they usually do it during the winter. And HEY!!!:glare: THEY can use Luna Park, but BW can’t use Stormalong? I’m going to remember this when Luna Park is being refurbished. Not that I want to swim with that freaky clown anyway…


Maybe a situation with the slide developed and they need to deal with it sooner.
You ruffle less feathers when you say refurbish rather than repair.