Stormalong Bay


What time does Stormalong Bay close each day? Does it close earlier than other pools?


I think it was open until 11:00 when we were there a couple of weeks ago. By the way, it opened at 9 am.

We didn’t have any trouble finding chairs in the afternoon but they weren’t always shady.


I’m confused. I thought all deluxe resorts have pools open 24 hours. I know AKL is, and that’s what a cm told me.


Stormalong Bay is only open if the lifeguards are on duty. There are quiet pools that are open basically 24 hours a day. I think SAB is different because of the size, layout, and depth. There are places that are maybe 8 feet deep and many places that can’t be seen unless you are in that certain area. At most pools you can see the whole pool from about any chair near the pool, SAB isn’t that way and a child could get in trouble and a parent who is just sitting in a chair may not see their child is in danger.


That makes sense. I’m going to have to go exploring and check out SAB next trip. (I know, I can’t get in there. Will just have to view from the outskirts) My curiousity is up.


You should do that with plans to have a treat at Beaches and Cream while you’re there.


:happy:Thanks DT! That is what I needed to know.