Storybook Land Canal Boats


I have a question… you know the Storybook Land Canal Boats are they still in WDW and DL? I haven’t seem them and just wondering what took them over if they are not their.


They are still in Disneyland but as far as I know they were never in WDW, not while I’ve been alive anyway.


Yea I think they where their in like the 1950s… or something.


Walt Disney World didn’t open until 1971. Disneyland opened in 1955. You must be thinking of Disneyland.


The Storybook Land Canal Boats are in Fantasyland in Disneyland…

They are still there.


So they are not in WDW though right… does anyone know what took them over?


They were never in WDW. Only Disneyland where they still are up and running.


Storybook Land Canal Boats were never in The Magic Kingdom park in WDW. It is and always has been a Disneyland Park exclusive attraction.

You might be thinking of the Swan Boats that use to reside in the hubs moat at the Magic Kingdom in WDW?


There is only one other Disney locations for the Storybook Canal Boats and that is Disneyland Paris it opened in 1994. So the only 2 locations for this ride it Disneyland in California and Disneyland Paris.


Wow… that website I went to must of been wrong O_o. Thanks guys :).