Storyteller cafe. Character meal or not?


I was starting to look at possible restaurants to take my Dad when we go to DL in June. I thought Storyteller Cafe was going to be a surefire but when I got my “DL Vacation Planning DVD” (which was AWESOME btw) they didn’t mention it as a character meal. The brief vignette just talked about “homestyle American favorites, etc.”

I thought FOR SURE I’ve seen pictures of characters at Storyteller’s Cafe?!?! :huh:

I looked on DL’s website and all I found was this description…

(doesn’t say anything about characters, am I missing something, hehe :huh: )

OK, if it’s NOT which character meal would you suggest at the DL resort?


Storytellers has characters at breakfast, but not many (Chip and Dale, and sometimes Donald). The food there is great, a neat place to eat (dinner is very good, and never crowded). My kids love Goofy’s Kitchen in the DL Hotel, but Storytellers is their second favorite.


Actually Wish, for Storytellers I prefer non-character dining. I’ve always found it way too crowded with the characters and just a bit loud. But if you go there for dining when there are no characters, it’s much more adult and fitting for the theming of the hotel. Goofy’s Kitchen is TOTALLY the best character breakfast in Disneyland.


We defiantely want a dinner, not breakfast. :smile:


The Princess lunch or dinner at Ariel’s Grotto at DCA is a must do! It is so much fun having the princesses come around and I just love the atmosphere there!

We are also going to do ADR’s at PPH for the Lilo and Stitch Breakfast, but that is just breakfast, not dinner.


Twist, are ALL the princesses there? Especially Aurora and Snow White? Do you think it would be too kitchy for my Dad and I? This was definately my 2nd choice.


I went to the Storyteller’s Breakfast in October 2004. Chip, Dale and Pluto were there. They didn’t come around to the tables though. They just hung around up front. The food was very good.


We had Aurora, Belle, Snow White and Ariel (in her human clothes) when we went. You guys will love it,where else can your dad get showered with attention from beautiful princesses? I’m so dragging my boyfriend along in June, I’m making the ADR’s, so he doesn’t get a choice! :tongue:


They do character breakfast in the park at Plaza Inn, but it runs about $10-20 a person I thinks…

It might be more for the smaller kids…


Oh, it also appears that Lilo and Stitch show up at the PCH grill at Paradise Pier for their breakfast.

I guess this kinda depends on where you were planning to stay… :pirate:


I am staying at the Disneyland Hotel. We are going to try to make PSs for Blue Bayou (dependant on it’s reopening) and we wanted one character dinner. I think it’s going to either be Goofy’s Kitchen or the Princess dinner in DCA. Maybe I should do a poll?

Thank you! :happy:


Um, I’m hoping that you get into Blue Bayou for June.

I’m not sure when the open.

But if they don’t GO TO RALPH BRENNAN’S JAZZ KITCHEN. A comfortable substitute…