Storytellers Cafe


My sis and I just went to the Storyteller’s Cafe, located in the Grand Californian Hotel and had their breakfast and it is absolutely good!!! The food is slightly better than Goofy’s Kitchen, it is cheaper than Goofy’s Kitchen, and it is easier access to parks then Goofy’s Kitchen. With that said, the atmospher isn’t as good, and there are definitely more characters that visit Goofy’s Kitchen then Storyteller’s Cafe. It is still very much scenic, and there are some visitors there (Koda, Chip and Dale, Kenaii). Overall it is a great experience and I highly reccomend it in case any of you guys are interested :slight_smile:


Thats great to hear you had a fabulous time! I love Storytellers Cafe in the Grand Californian, I always recommend it to family and friends going to DLR for a visit, its great!


We eat at Storytellers everytime we stay at the Grand Californian and love it! I always recommend it too!


I wish I could stay at the Grand Californian… Someday… LOL!


And thats when you save from the end of your current trip until the next trip so you can do that! hahaha, and keep a keen eye out for those great discounts Disney offers every so often. A friend of mine went last year and got a park view room at the GCH for only like 160.00 a night with a special deal Disney had going on, not bad for the GCH!

And as for the people like me, who simply cant afford it or just wont spend the money when I can stay at a Good Neighbor Hotel for 65.00 a night just as close, I just go there and use the hotels facilities and look at it, haha!


Yea, I am pretty much in the same boat as you. Can’t afford it, and considering me sis and I make it a priority to at least go once a month, so yea, no chance, it would have to be a really REALLY good deal.


And that is the point in time where I say get to know some CMs, they get pretty awesome deals…or did, when I was a CM I use to get great deals on resort hotel rooms.


Good to know, thanks Tim!!! Did the Hotel workers and Disney ever reach an agreement?


As far as I know, nope, they haven’t, they have been going almost, or over 2 years with no contract, so lame.