Storytelling at animal kingdom lodge


I will be staying at the animal kingdom lodge from Jan 29th-Feb3rd. Does anyone know what time storytelling begins around the pit??? I am trying to make dinner reservations at Boma and don’t want a conflict. Much thanks!!!


Sorry wrong forum!!!


Yea I was gonna say…Disneyland Resort doesnt have an Animal Kingdom Lodge (lol) and if they do then I must be on crack because I havent seen any trace of it, haha. :wink:


I am sure it was poested here by mistake. It’s ok :happy:

I remember walking by one at what seemed to be around 9pm while I was staying there. It was absolutely adorable. I would call the AKL and ask if the story times are always the same and if everyday of the week has the same schedule. I am sure they will be able to help you.


Yea I know it was posted by mistake, I was just being stupid, lol :tongue:


If I remember correctly I beleive that it was at 6.
But it may change with the seasons so I would call and ask.


You must be hanging out with Cinderbella! :tongue: