Strange DVC laundry question


Reading Wishy’s soggy soggy TR and hanging her jacket from a light fixture in hopes of it drying, got me thinking. Has anyone had a room close to the laundry rooms at any DVC’s? If I had a soggy clothes and tried to dry them at 12:30 A.M., would I be bothering you? I don’t even know if the laundry rooms have hours of operations. I just always did wash in the afternoon, so I never noticed any signs. Just want to be prepared since Sept is still soggy weather time.


We used the laundry room by the quiet pool by Congress Park- I do not remember any rooms being close to it- just a bathroom and some vending machines!!


I’ve used the laundry room at SSR and BCV and I don’t see it bothering anyone, especially SSR since it’s in a building that didn’t have rooms close to it. I’m sure the walls are think enough at BCV that you would be fine.


hehe, I should clarify! I hung the jacket on the fixture because I was WAY too tired and lazy to walk to the laundry room. It was late & still raining. I did end up visiting the laundry room on my last night because a lot of my clothes were wet & I had to pack! :pinch: When I called the front desk to ask what time the laundry room closed she told me as long as you have your room key to get in you’re fine. I was in there about 10pm and there was another couple using the washers & dryers with me. The laundry rooms are located next to the Community Hall at SSR so even if you used them late at night you wouldn’t be bothering anyone.


Thanks for the info. It’s just one of those things that I never thought of. And I don’t want to be part of someones TR where they say “some rude person was drying clothes at midnight”


If I remember correctly, at BCV the laundry room was squashed between a lobby (elevators) and a storage room.


I’ve obviously remembering wrong,:huh: but I think I remember there being a double stacked washer/dryer combo in the room at SSR. Was this just in the one bedroom “suite”?


No, you are right! The one, two bedrooms and grand villas have washer/dryers in the rooms. The studios do not but have free use of a laundry room.


Really?? :confused: I thought although DVCers in a studio had to go to a laundry ROOM, that the washer and dryer were FREE to use. :confused:


iluvwdw, the laundry room and the machines in it are free for people staying in a studio. Only the larger rooms have washers/dryers of their own.


Yes, I meant they do not have them in the studio room, but they have free use in the laundry room.


Whew! I was trying to figure out where I had seen :huh:that if I were wrong. Good to know that I wasn’t imagining things:laugh:.