Strange packing question


OK, so I was all proud of myself that I bought powder detergent for our trip, measured it out , and sealed it with our vacuum sealer to put in our suitcase. Then my DH looks at it and says “It looks like your smuggling cocaine!”:eek: :eek: Do you think this will be a problem? If anyone opens it and smells it they will know it is detergent right away but if they open the vacuum sealed pack it can’t be reclosed. Should I just put it in a ziploc?


I’ve thought about this same thing several times. Last year I packed the whole box of Tide because I was worried that a ZipLock bag would look like something that needed a closer look. In May I packed the free packets I collected during the year. I would put the sealed bag in a ZipLock bag just in case.


I would definately put it in something that can still be opened.

We had a similar problem with BF’s mom. On one of her visits, she collected some of our beach sand (white and sugary) and put it in Ziplocs. She didn’t even think twice about it when she got on the plane. And of course, they stopped it.


I would definately put it in something that can be opened. It will most definately be searched. Also, you could try using a smaller bottle of the liquid detergent. I know you already measured it out and everything, but it’s just a suggestion.


I am positive that detergant and cocaine have different odors…lol No worries.


While we are on the subject of laundry has anyone tried the oxyclean laundry balls. If they worked they would be easy to pack and they say each ball does 25 loads so you would only have to throw one ball in the suitcase.

OxiClean Toss-N-Go Ball


I always take the Tide tablets on all our vacations. A little more expensive but no questions as to what it is and it packs very nicely. I try not to use the tablets here at home, that way I always have some handy when we go away.


I’ve looked for the tablets the last few years and can’t find them any longer. Can you still buy them?


I agree with WDW Rules, if you can find them buy the tablets or maybe even the small travel packs/boxes of detergernt. With security being the way it is a vacuum sealed pack with white powder in it IS NOT a good idea. You might miss your flight because your sitting in a back room with cuffs on saying… its just TIDE… its just TIDE!!! :laugh:


I suggest you pack the detergent into balloons, and then have each member of the family swallow one of the balloons to get you through security.


Cavey, that’s just gross…

I wouldn’t know much about this but I agree I think it would be better to put it in a ziploc.Or get some travel stuff instead.


Don’t worry - we’ll all come visit you.:laugh:


Hehehe! LOL, this is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time! Thanks for the laughs:wub:


LaTinky!!! Where the heck have you been?


Is it me? I would never even think of bringing laundry detergent. That means I would have to do laundry. Not on my vacation!!!


We don’t have a choice. With three yungun’s it’s do laundry or go naked.

And believe me, they won’t let you into the parks (or onto WDW transportation) naked.:angry:


On my last trip to WDW I found $1 Tide Liquid travel laundry bottles. They were quite small, but you could get a few loads out of them. Two of them fit nicely in a large freezer Ziploc bag. I got them at our local Target. I would be cautious of packing any powder detergent.


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Oh, just medical school! That’s no excuse!!! :laugh: I hope you are doing well. What year are you in?


I’m starting internship this september, after I pass my boards etc, I’ll be Bona Fide september next year! finally…:eek: