Strange Question


Before I call WDW I was wondering if any of you knew. Can I get the free dining plan if I go by myself or do I have to have two people?


As long as you have a MYW or are a DVC member, I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to have the dining plan. I don’t remember seeing a party limit.


Yes, you can do it as a single. Doesn’t matter how many people, you just have to stay 3 nights and have at least a one day park pass. Those are really the only requirements, oh, and there has to be availability of course.


Goodness, and here I thought you had a strange question, like “How many marsupial-filled popcorn machines does it take till Christmas Day?” or something like that. The one you posted wasn’t even mildly odd. :nonono2:

Go on, try again. You can do it! :laugh:

You may wish to try reading some of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories for inspiration, many of which appeared in Weird Tales. Now that’s quality strangeness for you – none of this off-the-shelf mild peculiarness which passes for strange now. Why, in my day…

is, of course, being silly, and need be paid no mind whatsoever


Your So Funny David!!! By The Way I Haven’t Heard Anything About Your Job Search. How’s That Going? I Hope You Find Something You’ll Be Happy With. Are You Only Looking In Florida?


Indeed, Yes, I Am Only Looking In Florida, And Won’t Quit The One I Have Here Till I Get Another One. I Have A Few Nibbles But No Firm Offers Yet. Very Eager! :slight_smile:

A Capital Idea


:laugh: Bwah! :laugh:


I could make it a triple pun by mentioning that I am in DC, while posting on DC, Using Capital Letters, thus making it a Capitol Idea.

But I Won’t. :laugh:



How many marsupial-filled popcorn machines does it take till what on Christmas Day? Does it matter what kind of a marsupial it is? Because - like, kangaroos are way bigger than wallabyes. Or are imported marsupials not allowed, just the domestic possum? What are they doing until Christmas Day. Do they have to do this in the Capitol or on DC?

Just asking… :angel:


I’m totally losted in this thread! I have to watch how I ask question’s around here! LOL



Kangas, probably, since they’re native to Earth-Two’s Paradise Island, and are, therefore, more intrinsically surreal. :cool:

“Hmm. This butterfly is an Earth-14 species.”


ahhh - of course. Makes perfect sense. :wink:


ROFL!! LOL! Chasty did it again! ROFL! You’re so funny! :wub:

and Llama! You get “Outsmart The Davids” points for calling him on that whole WHAT and WHAT KIND of marsupial thing!

Twinsers - you can do it!! All by your little lonesome! :happy:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Nobody on this website has ever made me crack up as much as you do!!