Stressful ticket mishap on first day


Not sure where this goes but since it would be part of my TR if I get around to writing one, I will just add here.

At 10 days out, I completed the online check in, and they did have a room for us when we arrived early Sat morning. I thought it was odd that the CM printed out cards for us because they should have already been in our packet but thought it was ok because she had said that our original room had been assigned to someone else.

Well, after we got to our room and was settling in, I found the original cards in the packet. I assumed they were obsolete and left them in the packet. (Still don’t know if they were truly obsolete at that time.) A little later we headed to Epcot to find that when we tried to enter the park we only had room keys. Talk about mad, scared, and embarrassed. :crying: I kept my cool and they told us that we shouldn’t have to go all the way back to the resort but to go to Guest Services.

At guest services they were confused and said that it looked like we never purchased park tickets. :eek: After a lot of exploration, they finally issued paper tickets to us. Then when it came time to eat, I was scared that our meal plan was gone too, but it was there. Talk about relived because all of the previous emotions were coming back when it dawned on me that we were hungry & didn’t want to have to travel back to the resort to eat or pay out of pocket. We probably would have done the later.

When we returned to the resort, I went to get our tickets added to our cards. They were thoroughly confused about how the issues occurred as they did. But I got a third set of cards, this time with everything as it should be. I made them double check the cards before I left. :glare:

Has any one else experienced a similar situation?


Oh my goodness, no thankfully we have never experienced anything like this. I can imagine how it felt at the entrance to be told you only had room keys. I am glad you eventually sorted this out, but I am sorry you had this un-necessary stress on your first day.
If it were me I would put this in writing to the powers that be, as its yet another example of someone somewhere not doing their job properly. No one wants to be running around on their first day trying to prove they did purchase park tickets and dining plans.


We had a similar situation with our dining plan one time. Disney was upgrading their computer system one time while we were there. Every morning we would get up and have breakfast, but when we went to have lunch our dining plan wouldn’t work. So every evenig we would return to the front desk to fix the problem. Every day we had the same problem, after the third day we just laughed about it.


…this would have been stressful for me too! We had a park hopper not work at all when we got to the park the first time, and then had to wait in line at the one Guest Services window that was open for a few minutes…but we got it straightened out…turned out that it would never have worked as a room key either…was just a bad card…

I wonder what happens if a ticket just doesn’t work and the computer doesn’t show anything about it? Who keeps their credit card receipts with them??


You didn’t use one credit card to book your vacation and switch to a bogus debit card after you arrived did you? :whistling

Glad it all gotten straighten out. We had one trip where DS’ room key didn’t have his ticket included. We had to sort it out before entering MK.


We had one trip where we did the online check in and our credit card wasn’t added, so we couldn’t charge anything. I hadn’t noticed it until we tried to eat at Mara. DH had a CC with him, so we just used that but we had to go back to the front desk to get it fixed. It took about 20 mins to get it fixed. Now when we check in, I always have the confirmation printout in hand. But our problem wasn’t so bad. I would have been in tears to be at the gate and have the problems that you did.


I have honestly never heard of that happening before. What a mess!!! I am so sorry that your vacation started off like that. I hope the rest was pure magic to make up for that.


Sh’mess’t happens :ph34r:


We’ve had various little glitches happen with tickets (I must have a very contrary index finger because I always have trouble at park entrances). With so many guests and so much going on it’s inevitable that stuff happens. We’ve always found that Guest Services will go out of their way to help out and everything always turned out ok for us - so far!