Stroller parking


Is there a place for “generic” stroller parking in the parks? Meaning if we want to have the kid walk, and only get the stroller when he is tired? Or is it just stroller parking by attractions and what not?


Depends on where you are… In fantasyland, there are two or three general places to park, and then you can pick up the stroller and then move to the next area. In tomorrowland, there are two or three also. There is enough parking everywhere, but I would keep the stroller with you as you go. You will not want to backtrack too much to get a stroller on the other side of the park. You will be too tired.


Or you wouldn’t want to have your stroller stollen either :ph34r::whistling


Mickeybug, you are bad!!!
We usually park and do one area, then move to the next with the stroller, with a baby. I would suggest one at Epcot for sure. There is a ton of riding time that could happen and help rest legs at Epcot…


Thanks guys. My DH wants to basically park it at the entrance and get it when we need it. I think it’s stupid…but that’s me. Lol


I don’t know where there is a place to just park it at the entrance…I’d be concerned someone would take it to lost and found…thinking it was abandoned or something…perhaps there is a stroller parking place near Tony’s?


Yes, definitely wouldn’t leave it by the front entrance. I’ve heard of people who purchase the cheap umbrella strollers, and then just leave them at a park once they are done with the trip, not to bother with lugging it home. I’m assuming they may see that often and if they see a stroller sitting all by its lonesome, may assume its just another abandoned stroller.