Stroller Question


In January we will have 11 people in our group including 3 children. We have a nice double stroller we are taking for the two youngest. Can anyone help me with how to handle the stoller with the airline? We will be switching planes also. Thanks!


We have traveled to WDW with our granddaughter twice and she is only 2. We have taken our own stroller with us right up to the plane. They then take the stroller from us and put it underneath. Upon departing, the stroller is brought up to us. Never had a problem and it has never been considered a piece of luggage and we have never been charged for it. We are doing this in another 2 months and plan on doing the same thing again.


Thank you!


Check w/ the airline. These days they are changing all the rules weekly.


You can gate check the stroller. Bring it straight to the gate with you, and then as you are boarding, they will put a tag on it, and bring it down below. As soon as you get off, don’t leave, they will bring all the strollers up and leave them at the doorway to the plane. So, make sure you grab yours. :wub:


We check our in a box to protect it. We kept the box it came in. We have had to sign a waiver that if they break it they are not responsible. That is why we do the box. That way it is protected when they throw it around and it keeps dirt an germs off it.


Well good luck with your travel. We also just had a trip a few weeks ago and took a double stroller with us. We flew Delta and they charge $25 per suit case and didn’t charge us for our stroller. I purchased a zip up travel bag to protect it a little bit, I think it cost around $40 dollars give or take a few. We have the side by side combi double and there is NO SUN PROTECTION for it. I would recommend “Protect a Bub” for your double stroller here is the link for it Protect a Bub :: Sun protection for life’s little adventures we didn’t buy through them but you can find it anywhere. It folds up nice and compact, and you just tie it to the stroller and it extends to the kids feet just about. While we were down in Disney atleast 10 people stopped to ask us where we got it. I hope this helps, and good luck with your travel… have a safe trip.