Stroller ~rent one or bring one?


my husband and i will be taking our then 3 1/2 yr. old daughter to the MK. my question is…umbrella stroller, collapsable biggie stroller, or rent a stroller in the pk??? our touring plan calls for us to ride the train…i can change that if it is worth it to have our own (from home) stroller…but just not sure it worth it. we will have both my husband and i to swap off with bits of toting her…but think that might get really old, really fast…

so which kind of stroller works best?? please giev pro & cons of each if you can.


An umbrella stroller is easy to travel with and will make it easier to find your stoller when getting out of an attraction.


I’m all about bringing your own stroller. A sleeping 3 1/2 year old can get pretty heavy while waiting in line for a bus. A quick folding umbrella stroller, I think, is your best option.
My hint is always tie a balloon to it so that it is easy to find. While in attractions the CM’s will sometimes organize the strollers. Where you leave your stroller when you go into in attraction is not necessarily where you will find it when you leave. I also had the misfortune of someone accidentally taking our stroller, happily we got it back, but it could have been avoided had I put a balloon on it.


We like to have our own stroller with us for those long walks to and from the bus stop and room. It can be a really long walk carrying a sleeping child. We have always taken a cheap umbrella stroller with us. On our last trip we even handed it off to another family who looked like they could use it.


what about the train factor?? you canNOT ride the train with an umbrella stroller can you?


What kind of train are you inquiring about, I guess I’m confused.


We always used to take an umbrella stroller with us from home. If you’re talking about the train at MK, we have brought the stroller on it several times.


yes i am talking about the WDW train in MK. it says in the “unofficial guide” that you cannot bring strollers on the train, but maybe they are mostly talking about the rentals?



An umbrella stroller folds up and you can bring it on, we have done that before.
If you choose to rent one, you can ride the train, just get off where you started.
I really think if you bring your own stroller you will find out it works the best.


We have done both and I am a fan of the bring your own umbrella stroller.
We even bought a high end MCClaren for our last trip. (Had a basket, rain cover and slightly reclined)Loved it.
Umbrella you can take everywhere with you with the hassel of a big one. Oh and much easier to spot in the sea of strollers.


I am totally in favor of investing in a good umbrella stroller. It seems like it would be much more comfortable then the hard plastic ones you can rent. Like someone else mentioned, the walks to and from the bus depot at the hotels or from the parking lot can seem really long with a sleeping child to carry. Definitely can fold em up and bring them on the train, tram, monorail, etc.

We looked at the Maclaren strollers and Inglesina strollers. The Inglesina stroller had the same features as the Maclaren and was a little less expensive. Most inexpensive umbrella strollers wont have all the good features…underneath basket, 3-4 way reclining seat, and sun shield. The only thing our Inglesina is missing is a cup holder. We also were able to buy a clear plastic rain cover for it at Babies R Us. Best $14 spent! We were at WDW the weekend Wilma was roaming through and the cover kept the stroller and DS dry (we covered the stroller with him in it as we strolled through the park). I think the Maclaren strollers come with a rain cover but I am not 100% sure. We bought the stroller when DS was 2 yrs old. He just turned 4 and I am sure we will get another year out of it before he outgrows it. That would mean about 3-5 more disney trips. We got it at a close-out sale. They were getting ready for the new models to come in so we got it for $99. They normally are in the $120 and up range.


I brought my big comfy stroller for Caisley, and had no problems with it. It folds up pretty flat, and it held all our stuff (water bottles, included!)

She napped in it, and it held toys to entertain her, snacks, etc.

I’m sure an umbrella stroller would work, too…but, either way - my complete vote is
bring your own!


From a DH point of view - rent one! I know I don’t feel like haulin that thing all around and have to worry about loosing it or something happening to it. Rent one at the park and turn it in at the end of the night. Done! I imagine you’ll be driving so its one less thing you’ll have to pack, or DH will have to pack. :tongue:


We always rent. Dragging a stroller on and off the buses is very aggravating to you and the people you smack with it as you go down the isle of the bus. If you do bring your own. Please, oh please fold it as you see the bus approach. When we went in Nov our bus was held up for 30 min because someone was arguing with the driver about allowing them to roll the stroller onto the bus through the wheelchair door fully intact.


okay…that settles it!! umbrella stroller all the way!! :slight_smile:

ours is bright red plaid…should be easy to spot. thanks for all the input…glad to know i can take it on the wdw railroad…that was a major concern.


Great decision! We bought a cheap $11 umbrella before DD’s first trip 3 years ago and it has been to WDW 3 times and it is still in great shape! Oh and they fit in great places when the stroller parking is full.


At the age of your child I’d bring one as you’ve decided…an umbrella type one is a great choice, however we took our full size one that still folds pretty flat and it worked great as well.

However, now that DS is 5 and walks the majority of the time we don’t take one at all and just rent one when/if he needs it.


My suggestion… TAKE YOUR OWN… UNLESS IT IS THE STROLLER FROM h***… Umbrella strollers are great… we forgot one on our first trip and found one off site and it was awesome!


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We brought our own umbrella stroller last year. What a lifesaver! Yours should be bright enough to spot. A suggestion- we also put a brightly homemade luggage tag on ours with our cell phone number on it. This way if someone mistakenly took it, they could call us (or would that be wishful thinking?). Be aware- the CMs do move them most of the time.