Stroller Rental & Pre-Ordering Photo Pass


Good Morning Everyone,
As you can guess, I have two questions which I need assistance with.

1st------Does anyone know/remember how much it cost to rent a double stroller and where you can rent them for your entire stay?

2nd-----How much is the photopass CD currently upto and can it still be ordered in advance?


25 DAYS TO GO!!!


I can’t remember the price, but on the first day when you get your stroller you can get the tickets for all week. That part is easy…

Sorry- no help with the photopass cd.


Found this on Allears:

Strollers may be rented in each of the theme parks or at Downtown Disney.

Disney has a Length of Stay rental for strollers and wheelchairs. With the Length of Stay rental, you make a one-time payment for as many days of rental that you will need. Upon visiting a theme park, show your receipt at the stroller/wheelchair rental location and you will be directed through the queue with little or no wait. There is a slight discount when purchasing the Length of Stay rental ticket. The Length of Stay option is NOT offered during peak attendance times, however, such as Christmas.

Disney Stroller rentals cost : It will cost you $15.00 per day to rent a “single” stroller and $31.00 per day to rent a “double” stroller. If you’re going to need a stroller for more than one day you can rent them at the “multi-day” rate of $13.00 per day for a “single” and $27.00 per day for a “double”.

As for the photopass- I think you can preorder it for $99. It should be listed on a confirmation email that tells you about online check in and other info.


stroller no idea but we did get the photo pass pre ordered 2 years ago when we went it was $99 on sale from 149.00 Totally worth it as we flagged down every photo taker there was and got over 300 pics which we were able to make better when we got home by addign borders and captions and then ordered them we had over 500 pictures of great quality from all the parks and water parks as well and not to forget the poses with a stitch coming out of the ground or the one where you are fighting captain hook or holding tink in the palm of your hand

Hope this helps


Is there a length of stay rental for the scooters?


Per Allears:
ECV Rental: $45 per day, with a $20 refundable deposit ($100 at Downtown Disney)

does not say if there is a length of stay discount, but there is a $2.00 discount on regular wheelchairs.


Here is another option with pricing. They deliver to your hotel. I have never used them, but depending on your stay and needs it may be better to use them.

Orlando Stroller Rentals - delivery to disney resort hotels, disney vacation homes


If you can I would say to go to Target or one of those places and get a simple umbrella stroller. It would save you money if you are there any length of time.