Stroller rental sugesstions please


So we’ve always rented at least one stroller at the parks but this year I’m debating what to do since there are now other options for rentals that can be delivered to your resort for the entire stay. I have one stroller that’s still suitable for DD4, but I’m thinking the double was always nice for when DS7 wants a break from all the walking too (might especially be good at the end of the day when we have to make the trek out of the park, back to the bus stop!). I checked Magic Strollers, but couldn’t find something that would work for both of them. I found a sit & stand model on another website- anyone have any experience with those? or any other sugesstions??


i have a couple of friends that used Orlando Stroller Rentals ( Orlando Stroller Rentals - delivery to disney resort hotels, disney vacation homes ) and said that they were terrific. The Passporter recommends them!


I never rented a stroller on site. The price is to high for me to justify. We have always brought our own. The full deluxe stroller when they were toddlers and now we go with a higher end umbrella stroller for DD, who is 4. We have the Evenflo X Sport Plus Convenience Stroller. It has more room and feature than a traditional umbrella stroller and very easy and light to get on and off the buses and only cost about $50.

I too considered a Sit and Stand when I bought the umbrella stroller. At the time, the girls were 6 & 2, and I worried that the oldest would have trouble keeping up, but she did fine without a stroller. When looking, we thought the Sit and Stand was pretty heavy and will be awkward getting on and off the buses. Both DH and I were happy with the stroller we picked and we are taking again on this fall’s trip. We kept the box it came in and we just check it at the airport in that box. That way it doesn’t get damaged in transit.


Thanks guys! I’ll check out the sugesstions~ I’m still deciding between the sit & stand or the double… :confused:


If I can just add a thought to help with your decision making. Although my ds’s are waaaaay past using a stroller, I did notice this last trip seeing a Mom struggling with the double wide stroller, trying to get through crowds. It was in Frontierland. That small parade with Woody and friends kind of forced her into the paths closer to the water, and no one would cut her a break and let her pass. The stroller was just too wide to get through easily.


Thanks for the info - it’s stuff like that that we don’t tend to think about until it’s too late!!


we go to Walmart buy and cheap umbrella stroller and then give it away on our last day. Someone is always willing to take it.
The last time we went we got one for 15.00 had a sunshade and a pocket in the back and it was Winnie the Pooh. Pays for itself in 2 days, don’t know what the rental is now, but if you stay for more than 4 days, it pays!