Stroller rental tickets from January


When we were in Disney in January, we paid the weekly fee for the double stroller rental. We ended up not using all the days, I believe I have 2 tickets left that weren’t stamped. I was just wondering if anyone knew if those 2 tickets could be used during my trip in November? Or is it only good for the week that you were there when you bought them??
Thanks for the help.


I had a similar situation- I had one ticket left over and when I tried to use it I was told that it was only for the trip I had purchased it. (I had purchased it during value season and wanted to use the last ticket during Christmas week). I would try it anyway since the policy may have changed.


hhmmmm…doesn’t seem like I could use the remaining days then. Well, it’s not a big deal, because I am going to have my regular stroller for my 20 month old, but I figured if I had these extra day tickets left I would get the stroller for my 5 year old daughter incase she gets tired. But, if they don’t let me use the tickets, it will be fine, and she can walk.