I’m looking for information from anyone who has taken an infant (4-6 months) to the World. What strollers have you found that are lightweight, easy to fold, and offer the most comfort for babies this age? We don’t want to drag the whole travel system with us.


My advice is to take the stroller that goes with the Travel System-especially if the baby is used to it. I always felt they were the best for storage, comfort and shade. Plus, if the baby is sitting up and eating finger food, most have a tray and that will be super convenient! Plus, the cup holders for parents are a must!


We took our younger son when he was 5 months old. It was definitely worth lugging the larger stroller with us, because he was able to sleep in it. We had a relatively inexpensive Graco. We didn’t bother with the car seat part, since we didn’t rent a car for that trip, but I think it would still be worth being able to take your little one out of the stroller in the car seat for restaurants and such if he’s sleeping.
Wait on the super-lightweight umbrella strollers until they are a bit older.


In December '08 we took our daughter and her family (6 mth old). We took the travel system as it seemed to work best. It was recommended to us to take what our granddaughter was used to a comfortable with. She was still sleeping in the car seat which went on the stroller, so we took the whole thing. No problem getting on and off the busses, etc. We had 13 of us so we all pitched in. We were ready when the bus pulled up and jumped off quickly and assembled everything so no one had to wait on us. PLUS the stroller had all sorts of compartments which helped carry bags, cameras, etc. Certainly a plus in my book!


I have a joovy Kooper, and love it! My favorite parts of the stroller are the fact that the seat reclines to a completely flat position which is terrific for a sleeping baby. Also, the sunshade covers practically the entire stroller so the majority of the baby is covered from the sun if you choose! This stroller glides so easily, I can even hold another childs hand and push my 30 lb baby at the same time with ease. When my son was about 4 months old we went to the beach for the day and this stroller glided through the sand (backwards) like a hot knife through butter! I love it!

The negatives… No tray for the baby, but my son has not seemed to really mind since the inside of the stroller has a mesh pocket on each side where I tend to keep the sippie cup and or toys! Easy access for baby.


Thanks for all the great information! Should be an adventure!!


With 3 kids & 2 strollers on every trip, I agree completely- go with what you & baby are comfortable with. Just make sure you have an extra hand when getting on & off the buses/monorail. You’ll defintely be glad you have it!


I agree go with what you and your baby are use to. you will be able to break it down faster and the baby will be more comfortable. We have had several thru the years for our kids and for our daycare. with one child it should not be to hard to have the stroller that came with your travel system.
the best single stroller we have ever had was an OSH kosh stroller I got for my oldest Daugher 9 years ago. if you where looking at a double if one is small go with one that sits one behind the other if they are both a little older go with an unbrella double type. we found that it works the best with them that age