On our last trip we brought down our own stroller for our then 2 1/2 year old. This year our boy will be 5 1/2. I don’t plan on taking our stroller as I don’t think he will fit in it anymore.

But, I have heard that many people with children as old as 5 and 6 do get a stroller. I know from experience on outings around our house that he asks to get picked up when he is getting tired.

I also have camera equipement that is rather large and putting our back pack with snacks and drinks in it would be a good idea.

Couple of questions:

  1. Are the strollers for rent large enough to accomodate a 5 year old?

  2. If you rent a stroller in one park, do you get any kind of credit towards renting another in the park you hop to? Or do you have to rent another?

  3. I have heard there is a gray market for strollers where people coming into a park buy them from folks leaving a park for a reduced price. Anyone ever done this?


We brought our own stroller for our kids (they were almost 4 & almost 7) - i highly recommend having one, even for a 5 year old! they get tired, and it’s nice to not have to carry them!!

rented strollers - the double would be big enough and the single may be, but not too comfortable. I felt it just wasn’t worth an extra $18/day for a stroller that I could just bring my own that reclined and fit them both nicely for free. plus, then we had it at DTD, the resort if needed, the airport and leaving the park (ever tried to carry 2 sleeping kids to the bus after the park closes - ugh)!

i will say folding up the stroller and getting on the bus was a bit of a pain, but we worked it out by making sure we had it folded and ready before the bus got there, and one of us took the kids, the other the stroller. we waited for a new bus several times to be sure there was room for us to get on easily.

I am pretty sure you get a ticket of some kind for park hopping, so you only pay once per day.

I think a stroller swap would be a great thing - maybe you can start a thread and see if anyone is going near your dates and try to do it!!

good luck and have a great trip!!


We took a stroller for our son up until he was 7. He didn’t use it all the time but when he needed it I was so glad we had it. It’s LONG walk to the bus stop of from the bus stop to your room with a sleeping child in your arms. We took a cheap umbrella stroller that he may have been too big for but it worked. On our last night we found a family who looked like they needed it and handed it off to them, they were so happy and I felt good helping them out.


The rental strollers can easily fit a 5 year old and the double strollers fit decent size kids. They have a mesh bag on the back of the stroller that hold a fair amount of stuff or you can just load up a double stroller.

If you keep your reciept you can just pick up another stroller at the park you hop to.

I’ve never heard of buying a stroller from another guest but I imagine people do it all the time. I’m never shocked at what people will do.


Our kids (twins)were 5 the 1st time we went. Even though they had been out of a stroller for a long time, I bought a double to accommodate their weight and had the features we wanted. It was wonderful. If we wanted to cover alot of territory in a short time (crossing the park, rushing to an ADR,etc) we just said “jump in, let’s go” and we would make great time. they knew that it would keep them from getting tired, they had a place to sit (it was a side by side stroller) for the parades and shows and they even caught a couple of naps later in the trip in the stroller. We were there 10 days and were on the go the entire time. They did great, stayed happy (DS had one meltdown, but it was our fault for allowing the kids to go into the Honey I shrunk the playground and giving them a time limit of 15 minutes…he was a bit upset when we pulled them out to go onto the next thing…I take the blame for that. Anyhoo, we went back when they were 9 with another family. Their 6 yo had a stroller most days that shared with her 9yo sis…we ended up renting a stroller one day too for ours since they felt “left out”…my kids are pretty tall for their age and there was room for both along with our stuff…secretly that’s why I LOVE a stroller…to carry MY stuff.


My DD used a stroller when she was almost 7 when we went at easter. She just could not do all that walking and I felt better having her right in front of me in a stroller. It was so crowded…I was terrified to lose her.

  1. If you rent a stroller in one park, do you get any kind of credit towards renting another in the park you hop to? Or do you have to rent another?

Yes. Save your receipts.

  1. I have heard there is a gray market for strollers where people coming into a park buy them from folks leaving a park for a reduced price. Anyone ever done this?

I have heard of the same things…I wouldn’t do it, but I have seen it done. My best advice is this: See how he does the first day without a stroller…use it only if he can’t make it. In a park like Epcot, I would just get it…it’s so big.


My parents rented a stroller for me when I was 5, that was in 1989, and I fit well. We called it my limo!! I loved having it and getting chauffered around all the parks.

Other than that I can’t really offer any help. Sorry!!

Good luck on your trip! Have a great time!!


If you don’t have a fold up, umbrella stroller, invest in one and take it with you. You will be so glad you did. Try standing in line for a bus at the end of the day with a tired child that wants to be held and then having to walk to your room carrying said child. Everyone will fare the tirp better if you invest in the stroller.


I will be taking our light-weight stroller to WDW for our DD4. She will walk quite a bit, but having the stroller along should keep her from getting quite so tired and she will not “hold us back” during the marathon that the Disney parks are. WDW requires a lot of walking and I would rather push the stroller around from time to time than have to carry my tired munchkin a bunch! :laugh: Then I would be tired too! :pinch:

I also really love having the stroller because we have a little storage area underneath where we can put a few odds and ends. We always end up with bottles of water, snacks, maps, sweatshirts and the occasional gift bag tucked down under there. :happy:

When things get crowded the stroller can be a bit of a pain, but I still would not go without it!


I went into storage and found the aluminum stroller we had. It will work perfectly since I found you can take the tray off the front which allows my son to fit.

I am glad I had him try it out since I was afraid he would find it baby-ish to have to use one. He was out of that thing pretty quickly and did not want to be pushed around. He does like to walk.

The other day we have introduced the concept of taking “Disney Walks” after dinner to help build up his stamina and he has taken to them quite well. However after having him sit in the stroller he decided he wanted to take a “Disney Sit-Down” instead. That means he wanted to be pushed around in the stroller. My wife accomodated his request. But, I don’t think we want to do too many of those before we make it down there.

But, I do agree with those who said it really comes in handy at bus stops, waiting for the monorail, etc.


You’ll be well advised to take your stroller or rent one. This is a big time walking trip. Besides, the stroller is good for more than just a tired boy, it holds all of your stuff nicely.
Wow, you are thinking of everything. You should have a really smooth trip :smile:


I like that you are taking “disney walks” now before the trip. It will give you a better idea of how long the kid can walk for. Take the stroller regardless…it may be best to have him in a place you can see him at all times…especially at those mass exits after a night time show.


My DD was 7 when we went in July of this year and we got a stoller which came in handy in every situation. when she was tired she rode and when she was walking we used it to put our shoulder bag in. A good investment. I would take one if you have the room for it if not rent one (they are Big).


The main point is that a child can’t endure all that walking. It’s to much for some adults let alone some poor kid with little legs. Either take many breaks or get the stroller. Heck, I sometimes wish for my DD to push me in one…lol


Only now they are called a wheelchair!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I remember our first trip with our 3 kids when they were 6 and 6 and 8. We had read about going on family walks before the trip to get the kids and especially the adults ready for walking in the parks. Every kid is different so strollers are a good option, but we did find that the kids got around great as a result of all the family walks we took before the trip. I think we did it every other day for about 2 months before the trip. If it wasn’t an improvment for the kids, it most definitely was helpful for me. Now that our kids are 9 and 9 and 11 they run circles around us. We now have a new baby so we definitely will need a stroller for our upcoming trip in December. My wife was pregnant with our baby on our last trip in February and now that she is born, I guess this will technically be her 2nd trip. Now she can see what the fuss was all about. :slight_smile: