Studio accommodations get new name!


In DVC News today:

Studio accommodations at Disney Vacation Club® Resorts are now known as Deluxe Studio accommodations.

The new name is designed to better represent the size and quality of these accommodations, and to more effectively reflect the fact that these studios fall into the Deluxe Resort category.

As this is a name change only, the move doesn’t affect the studios’ attributes or amenities.

Also not affected by the name change are the studios located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas’ Jambo House, which are now known as Studio – Value accommodations.


I noticed that last week when I was looking at our reservations on the DVC website.


ehhhh funny how big business thinks that wording something will make it sound more special. I will continue to ask for studio accommodations and not add the extra word in there :stuck_out_tongue:


Studios aren’t very deluxe.


I guess. . .but, I agree the studios aren’t much more then I hotel room, but. . .and it’s a big but. . .they are located onsite (the ones at Disney of course) and they are a Disney resort. So, even though there are basically a hotel room, once you leave the room you get the same amentities as those staying in the 2 or 3BRs. With all that being said, I’m okay (though it doesn’t matter what I think :)) with the name change.