Studio vs. One Bedroom


Ok, here is my dilema… We have decided to take a small vacation next year to WDW and stay at the Beach Club. We are taking my mom and we have two young children (3 & 4 at travel time). If we stay in a Studio we will be able to bank some points for a larger vacation the following year, but if we stay in a one bedroom we would barrow 2 pts. from the next year and pay for one nights stay. (I only have 82 points left to be used for next year, since we are taking my inlaws this year on a long vaca in a two bedroom).

My two children will likey go to bed before us three adults, so a one bedroom is more conveinent but, banking the 30 extra points sounds awfully good. Do you think the 5 of us would be cramped in a studio? What would everyone else do?


It sounds like it would be awfully cramped to me.


Unless you are hardly in your room except to crash I would go with the one bedroom. I would feel very crowded myself.


I can understand the allure of saving all those points, I would think it would be pretty cramped for five in a studio. In the end, I guess it’s up to you.


I can understand the allure of saving all those points, I would think it would be pretty cramped for five in a studio. In the end, I guess it’s up to you.


Do you think the 5 of us would be cramped in a studio?


You may regret being stuffed in a studio. Undoubtedly, you can expect to be a more comfortable in the one bedroom. Both units are meant to accommodate four, but the additional space (including a full kitchen) in the one bedroom should serve you better.


3 adults in a studio and 2 kids would be cramped in my opinion.


Starting to sound like the concensus!


Better late than never?

We’ve done 2 adults and 2 children in the studio and it is no different than a typical hotel room. There’d be room for everyone to sleep, but not much else. I know with the kids, there is always more stuff: stuffed animals, small toys, coloring books, etc. Plus you have luggage and storage of everything else. “Potty” time would be at a premium. I think it depends on how you travel and how much time you spend in the room.

I know were are now getting to the point where we are balancing the need for the larger room with the frequency of visits. :frown: Time to add some points I think!


i would go with the one bedroom because its more space.


we have 4 adults in a 1 bedroom this weekend. i think that is more than enough room


I would get the one bedroom. 5 people in a studio is going to be tight. I think they only sleep four if I am correct. I would borrow the points and opt for the one bedroom.


We’ve done it. :blush: Just depends on your expectations, flexibility, time spent in your room, etc. Each family is different. We’re willing to sacrifice a little room if it means more vacations!! BTW, we stayed at OKW where the rooms are a bit bigger than other studios, so that helped too.


I’ve done both and would go with the one bedroom. But as other pointed out - it is a personal preference. I like to be relaxed in the room, not cramped


You seem to be debating whether to save or spend, the fact that the 1 bdrm has a full kitchen and a washer & dryer, you can save a fair amount just in food preparation alone as well as have the additional space to spread out. Do you have to stay the whole week in Disney, a way to move up to the 1 bdrm with the available points would be to do a Sun - Thurs. stay in the 1 bdrm and do the studio Fri. & Sat. I am not sure if Disney allows stays for two days only.

Either way, you are ahead, remember you are going to Disney, enjoy your time!


I am going this month and staying in a two bedroom, I think I will determine what we are going to do during this stay. It is not so much of a debate, but we wanted to take a trip with my mom since we are going with DH parents this month. Since she is going it may be worth it to stay in the one bedroom. If it was just us and our two toddlrs, definately a studio!!!

We are going in 2008 with my DH’s two brothers, their wives and my inlaws (our family is really close and we all get along so well, it’s rare!) so we wanted to try and bank as many points as possible in order to get a three bedroom, that is why we are trying to conserve for next May’s trip!


Have you thought about two studios? I know that you can get two studios at OKW for the same points as a week in a 1 bedroom, and it’s definatley a LOT cheaper than a 2 bedroom.


I would splurge the points and some $$$ for the 1br… It will make the vacation much more comfortable!


get the one bedroom. we just stayed in one over labor day, and there was more than enough room, plus having the bath and the shower is nice.


In my view, The DVC is for more comforte in your room. I like the one bedroom. If you have five people, and are low on points, rent some. Make it more comfortable for your Mom. The kids can go to sleep and you will not have to be extra quite if you styay up.