Studios Name Change is Official!


They’ve just announced the new name of Disney/MGM Studios.

As of January 1st, 2008 it will no longer be called the Disney/MGM Studios. The new name is…drum roll please…

Disney Hollywood Studios!!!

So…I don’t personally think it’s that great like Disney-Pixar would’ve been, but here’s to a new era. What do ya’ll think?


I think it’s great but I’m sure I’ll still always refer to it as MGM :slight_smile:


This will take some getting used to. I like that it includes all of Hollywood instead of just MGM. But it just doesn’t feel right.


Hey, I actually like it! It has that “golden era of hollywood” feel about it, which is why I love that park so much.


I didn’t see the thread in the rumors section. Apparently a lot of ya’ll already knew this! :laugh:


MGM is dead, long live The Studios.


I think its a good thing that they did not take on Pixar- all it takes is some other feud and then they would have to change names yet again! Besides- it really is more like a hollywod instead of just pixar-


Interesting. I wonder what other changes will be made. New rides, attractions?


I don’t mind the name change what so ever, ALTHOUGH, I hope a new name is going to be the precursor for a complete park overhaul. There is so much “dead space” in the current MGM studios park, and attractions that have lost their glitter, interest, and relevance. Bring it on!! I would LOVE to see 70% of that park change, besides just the name.


I’ll still call it MGM – heck I still call this place D.C.


very true! :laugh:


I’m ok with the name change. I just hope the name change means there will be som other changes/improvements as well. I love the Studios, but it needs something more…


They made it generic so in a few years they wouldn’t have to change it to Disney/Dreamworks/Universal/TimeWarner Studio.

(It is a little strange, I would think that Disney Hollywood Studio would be at DLR and Disney Orlando Studio would be at WDW…)


According to this not-very-detail-filled news item MGM Studios Gets New Name - News Story - WESH Orlando it looks like they’re planning some more rides/attractions. I’ll probably still call it MGM just out of habit, but maybe not. I know a lot of people I’ve talked to about WDW don’t understand that a park named “MGM” is a Disney park. They think it’s like a Universal or something. Maybe the name change will help correct that misconception.


I so agree with you. While I do love the park…the feel of it…I just wish there was more. They could do so much more and haven’t. And please, please refurb Star Tours! It is so “old”! :laugh:


I’m surprised they didn’t include Pixar in the name. But, I’m sure they’re keeping it general and open so they can expand as they want. Now, they just need to actually expand!


I like it, I agree that it gives it more of that 30s era feel to it. Now if they would just MOVE THE HAT, I would be really happy!


Well MGM is our favorite park. I am sort of nostalgic, I would have liked Disney/Pixar buy as long as the park stays with the theme I don’t mind. We probably will still refer to it as MGM though.


As long as ToT and R&R Coaster aren’t effected, I really don’t care what they call it.


And Fantasmic… and 4 for a Dollar… and the Great Movie Ride…