Stuffed Animal Fun


So, courtesy of my DS11 with the “help” of Her Majesty, DD3, the Disney stuffed animals were very busy while I was taking a shower. This is what I came downstairs to:


So Pooh was very busy on his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tricycle.

I have no idea if Minnie is winning or not. I don’t know how accomplished of a chess player she is.


And then there’s this:


What’s the Disney connection? The penguin was singing the “Tiki Room” song! :laugh: This is a penguin with performance aspirations.

I cracked up.


Heehee, so cute! But…Pooh is nakie!!! Eek:blush:


EEEk! I don’t think anyone’s noticed!


I didn’t notice, but scrolled back up for a peek…what does that say about me???


…Doesn’t Donald walk around with a shirt and no pants? :laugh:


Your kids are awesome!

And I did notice nakid Pooh. :blush:


Pervert! Clearly.

:laugh: :laugh:

This particular Pooh was a hand-me-down gift- he didn’t come with a shirt! (Or pants.)


I didn’t even notice Pooh Naked…lol I had to scroll back up…:laugh: Cute set-up. Reminds of how the Mousekeepers sometimes set up your animals in your rooms. Yes, we bring stuffed-animals…:slight_smile:


Too cute! Very clever kids and I’m sure that made you smile!


And no bike helmet!!!


Here is one of my old buddy and his buddies. I really miss the old guy.


That’s just too cute! Reminds me of our first trip to wdw, we’d bought a few plushies and when we returned to the room one day, mousekeeping had arranged them on the bed, tv remote in hand and the tv was on! Too cute!


That’s adorable!

I noticed Pooh was nakie too! :laugh: Who dreams of riding their bike naked?


You all are going to give Pooh a COMPLEX!

The Ursine body is a beautiful thing. (Especially when it’s short, fat, and proud of that…) Don’t you try to make him ashamed.