Stupid question about LeCellier


I have read raves about the coffee rubbed steaks. Now here is the stupid question…does that give it a coffee taste or not? I hate coffee, but the rave reviews have me wondering and wanting to try it. Thanks!


I have never had the coffee rubbed steak, so I can’t comment. But I actually didn’t even remember seeing it on the menu! We usually go with the NY Strip or the Filet. I can vouch for both of those choices. :slight_smile:


There are no stupid questions.:happy:

Coffee-rubbed steak???:confused: My daughter worked at Le Cellier and never mentioned coffee-rubbed steak - and they had to know the menu inside and out.

Anyway, whether it’s rubbed with coffee or not (I’m going to ask her) - the filet is fantastic. (and doesn’t taste like coffee).


I’ve never heard of it either and we’ve eaten there a few times. llama is right though. The filet is delish.


There definitely is a coffee rubbed steak. It is their Kansas City Strip Steak. They have two different strips. One is a plain one with some butter on it and the other is the coffee rubbed steak. I personally do not like coffee so I did not want to chance it so I went with the plain steak.

I hope that helps. :smile:


Oh its definitely on the menu, I was just thinking its odd that I have never heard a review of it! I don’t remember anybody ever mentioning it.


I believe it is a recent addition to the menu.
The All Ears menu dates from June 2009, so there have been some changes over the last year.
King Salmon two ways also looks like a recent addition.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;994091]I believe it is a recent addition to the menu.
The All Ears menu dates from June 2009, so there have been some changes over the last year.
King Salmon two ways also looks like a recent addition.[/QUOTE]

I was looking over the menu this morning too, and I don’t remember that salmon dish either.


We were there in July and I don’t remember seing any coffee rubbed steak on the menu.


I know they had it on the menu in November 2008. R2 had the coffee rubbed steak when we ate there during our honeymoon. I’m still not sure why he ordered it, neither of us drinks coffee. He thought it was OK, so did I, but we both preferred the filet mignon that I ordered.


Weird! I’ve never heard of it…but I am not surprised because if I saw the word coffee anywhere on the menu I probably kept reading. I agree with some others…the filet is yummy!


I will probably skip the coffee steak, just to be safe. I do not like mushrooms and I think I may have to go with the plain strip steak. I am sure I will love most anything.


My son doesn’t like mushrooms either, but he loved the filet.


You can have the filet. I’m not a mushroom fan either, I just ask to substitute potatoes for the mushroom risotto. They’re happy to oblige. (they have to be nice, they’re Canadian. It’s like a rule:closedeye)


I didn’t know they would accommodate substitutions. That sounds great! The trip isn’t until next fall, but I am planning it all now. Sad, but planning, or overplanning, helps me to get my “fix” I can’t wait to try the filet!


Is LeCellier better than Yachtsman Steakhouse? Ive been to the Yachtsman many times (fantastic fare) and both restaurants are relatively close to each other (a short walk through the international gateway)… So Im just wondering if its really worthy of the hype!


We just ate here last monday night and I had the Coffee rubbed kansas city stripped steak and it was awesome… It really doesnt taste like coffee at all. The steak was hugh and had to bring 1/2 of it back to the room with us, which DH wound up eating the next day and he loved it.


The real hype of Le Cellier is that it’s one credit while Yachtsman’s is two credits. Since the MYW dining plan was rolled out in 2005, Le Cellier became the place to go, mostly because you could get a $60 meal for one credit. You don’t get that kind of bargain anymore because you no longer get an appetizer and you have to pick up the tip yourself.
What was almost forgotten was Concourse Steakhouse, which was also one credit, but was in the shadow of Chef Mickey’s. But that one closed last year when The Wave opened.
In 2004, I felt Yachtsman’s was the better meal, but in the past few years, LC has gotten a new executive chef and it has supposedly improved.
Unfortunately, it has taken me literally 3 years of trying to get a reservation at LC, so I don’t know how much better, or if it is better, than it was 5 years ago. I’ll have a better answer after Oct 24.


I’m not sure as I’ve never been to Yachtsman but I have to say LeCellier is slightly overrated. The food is good, the cheese soup and pretzel bread are unique and yummy. I’ll also admit I think the Canadians are the best CM’s in the World Showcase…(very friendly etc…etc…). However, you can get the same quality of food pretty much anywhere on property. I’ve had steaks at Kona that I thought were better than Le Cellier. If it ever becomes easy (or normal) to get an ADR there again I’d go but for now I’ll stick to other places and let other people kill themselves to get an ADR.


As much as I enjoy Le Cellier, I don’t know if its truly worth the hype. There are many many good restaurants on property that get overlooked, and thats too bad. Or maybe, thats good, because you can still get an adr at those restaurants!!