Stupid Question but Never needed to ask


I assume I would need Park Tix to dine for Breakfast BEFORE a park officially opens, wouldnt I?


Yes you will need tickets.


Yes…I think it actually says that when you make reservations online…I remember reading it somewhere…


It not only says so several times during the on line reservation process, but if you make the reservation by phone, the CM always informs you that you must have paid park admission in order to eat at this restaurant.


I thought so but have never made dinner reservations online or on the phone. I did use the app to make a reservation about an hour ahead of time last week and I think the app noted it as well…


Dad, do you need a good place to eat breakfast outside of the parks? There are tons of character options, if that is what you are looking for. Have you tried the Disney Dining restaurant finder? It might help if you need options: Disney Dining & Reservations | Walt Disney World Resort


I think Dad’s got a plan already.
This has the feel of a man on a mission.

There’s also All Ears
Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World
Character Meals and Tips


Thanks, everyone - We are meeting family in Orlando for the weekend in 11 days. The Saturday we arrive we have to wait on family to fly in, so I dont want to pay for park admission just to be there a few hours but would love to hit breakfast Saturday morning to get the kids in the spirit - My little girl loves Akershush but since we have to save our 1 day in the parks til Sunday at MK - we will hit Cape May…after that, drive over to DDT and kill time til the family arrives.

BTW, how is Disney Quest? Can you believe our kids have never been to DDT? I thought this would be a good chance for them to see it.


1900 Park Fare has a good breakfast with lots of charactures.