Stupid Question


Okay, I feel so dumb for asking this. I think I know the answer, but just to be sure…

Can you use WDW tickets at DL? :pinch:


According to Mousesavers, yes you can!


For real??? I was guessing no. That would be amazing.


From what I have read, you can go to guest relations and they will take care of the swap.You can’t use DL tickets at WDW though! Great trip report by the way:happy:


Oh, thank you!


When I worked there it was based more on personal preference, some CMs would allow it, some wouldnt (this also depended upon where you took your ticket IE: The front Turnstiles or Guest Relations), I know lately the Disney Parks Division of the Walt Disney Company want to make it available to all Guests to be able to use un-used days at Either the DLR or WDW Resorts since they want to have more of a one-resort operations system, especially when it comes to Ticketing and such. So that I know, if you take your un-used days from either WDW/DLR to Guest Relations they will swap the ticket for a ticket at the resort you want to use the tickets at, haha.


But what if it is a no-expiration ticket? Can you get it swapped at DLR, then again at WDW if needed?


Why is that?


I think it is because the cost of a one day Disneyland ticket is cheaper than a one day WDW ticket (not by much though).


It’s right here on Mousesavers: - Discounts on Disneyland Tickets & Passes

I have to admit…I have NEVER heard of this and never would have assumed it either. Especially since I am sure WDW and DL have separate “bank accounts” so to speak. If your family does go to DL I would not rely on this information. Plan on buying tickets and think of this as a “perk” if it works.


I always just say, use DLR tickets at DLR and use WDW at WDW, it will make things for you and your family so much easier if you do just that.


Ah, I was just wondering because we have these 10-day no expiration park hoppers for WDW, now, and we might be in Southern Cal for Christmas break, so it would be cool to be able to spend a day at Disneyland.


Well it never hurt anyone to give the resort a call and ask just to be sure :smile:
Disneyland Resort Guest Relations via Live Cast Member - 714.781.7290


If your WDW tickets are parkhoppers I wonder if DL would let you parkhop from DL to California Adventure? That would be cool…its a neat park.


Very good question…