Stupid Refurb!


So I came to terms with Test Track being closed for a refurb during our vacation, but now it’s also Country Bear Jamboree!

You don’t understand! Part of the Disney magic is going to CBJ and then tormenting my children by singing the songs the rest of the day…

Mama don’t whip little Buford [substitute child’s name]
Mama don’t pound on his head.
Mama don’t whip little Buford.
[substitute child’s name]
I think you should shoot him instead.


I hear that they are replacing it with a Stitch themed jamboree…


TAKE YOUR MEDS!!! The voices will stop, if you do!:blink:


I can’t understand the voices…they all sound like Jar Jar Binks.


I’m more disapointed that CBJ will be closed than TT. Hate missing one of the early classic attractions


Just hope it reopens.


I heard it was going to be an Avatar Jamboree. :laugh:


Oh you are just evil…evil.


…I heard it was going to be a “design your own free refill resort mug” station, where you will have to pass a test on the rules of usage before you can leave with mug…for a short period of time, you can use the mug at any resort, so the race will be on to see at how many resorts you can use the mug before the grace period runs out…

…there could possibly be a reality show in the works for this new attraction…


Hey Cavey if you like I can meet you at take you for a ride up and down I-4. I will even put the top down. I can guarantee you will go faster than 65 MPH (I can even take one of the high banked exit ramp over 70 for you if you need a real thrill).

And for added enjoyment I will play the CBJ sound track.

(if you are willing to pay the fine and take the points, if caught I will double the average TT speed…just for you.)