Sue's wonderful trip to Disney


Saturday, Nov. 10, left the house at 3:15 am for a 7:20 am flight out of Pittsburgh, PA airport. We flew Southwest and they implemented the new letter and number boarding passes. Actually this system seems to work well. We were A24 and A 27 (tell me how that happened when the tickets were booked together and checked in together?)
But they actually have all 1-30 and 30-60 board together. Disabled board first and children do board between A & B, unless you have an A boarding letter and you can board during that time then. I agree this is a fair way. Our flight was great. I slept part way because of the early time. We got into Orlando 25 minutes ahead of schedule, arrived at 9:15.

We took the Magical Express. My only disappointment with this was that we had a regular Mears bus and did not get to see the movie I heard so much about. This bus was not equipped for the movie. But seeing the Disney World signs along the way helped with the excitement!

By 10:30 we were checking into the hotel (POP Century).

We did not have preferred section (I could not get that with our Visa discount) but still requested a King bed. They assigned me to a far side of the 90 section. I asked them if they had anything closer to the food court. She looked and gave me 422 in the 70?s. (The big wheel building) The room was only a couple minutes walk to the food court. It was nice. It was on the 4th floor back side of the building and I can honestly say the only noise we heard was when kids were running outside and once we heard the kids next door, but there was nothing disturbing, or kept us awake. I never heard the toilets flush either.

The room was nice and clean, the king bed was very comfortable. The room was ready for us too check in.

We then ate lunch at the Food Court. My husband got the double cheeseburger and fries, I got the steak cheese wrap and pasta salad, both got ice cream bars. I was definitely impressed at this point on the CS food (We did purchase the dining plan).

We decided to go to MGM since it was the closest park and we could come back in a few hours and check on our luggage to be delivered.

MGM was having soap weekend. Since I have watched All my children for 30 years I was excited to see Susan Lucci. We saw her doing the view show and a few more characters from the soap.

Around 3 we decided to go back to the room and the luggage was there! It was a great way to go!

We then headed out for the Magic Kingdom.
Oh yes, had to take time to “read the sign”


Had to catch a glimpse of the castle before going to dinner at Ohana. Oh the castle was beautiful! It had been 11 years since I had seen it and then it was as a birthday cake! It was beautiful as Cinderella?s castle. I loved it! Some of the Christmas decorations were up in the MK

ah? it was so exciting! I was at Disney World!

About 4:30 we boarded the monorail for the Polynesian Resort. We were seated right at 5:00. I want to say the meal was delicious! Great recommendation to all! The salad was so good. Didn’t really like the chips and dips… but did give them a try.

And they kept bringing food, more food and more food! Then came the meats! And more meats, and more meats! My husband loved this part!:laugh:

I must say it was a very good impression for our first table service meal on the dining plan. Then the dessert! Ah the bread pudding was literally to die for! Wish I would have not eaten so much before as I would have loved to eat more of this! There was a wedding reception going on while we were there. They were just married earlier at the chapel! It was such a fun evening. The entertainment was great!

They played games with the children there. I wanted to comment, someone earlier stated they felt rushed here, we did not. They brought all the food out, but didn?t take anything away and never felt like we had to leave. I know we were there for an hour and a half. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal, including getting to see the fireworks from the show at the magic kingdom! That was really cool!


Then back over to the MK. We got to see the Spectro Magic Parade and the show at the castle.

Did some of Tomorrowland. Rode Buzz lightyear ride. That was fun!

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor ? really enjoyed that

And I must say they destroyed Alien Encounter when they changed it to Stitch. There was no wait, so we did it. I sure am glad that we didn?t waste time standing in line here. It was HORRIBLE!

Left the park about 8:30, back to our room about 9:00, after walking through the gift shop and picking up a couple things. By the time we got showers and relaxed we had been up for 20 hours, and had a wonderful first day at Disney!


I keep hearing that Stitch is not worth the time to stand in line… :pinch:

Thanks for confirming it, but sorry you had to experience it! :laugh:

Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic first day! :wub:


Yes, I’m glad I did it, we tried to do everything… and I went in knowing it wasn’t going to be great, but knowing how good Alien was, it was a let down!

and yes we had a fantastic first day, second day…seventh day. Terrible eighth day (We had to go home):laugh:


Yay- trip report!

With no trips of my own on the horizon, I love reading about everyone else’s!


It sounds like you were having an excellent trip so far. I love your trip report and can’t wait to read more.


Oh my gosh, I think EVERYONE dislikes the “Stitch attraction,” it really has to go eventually. I am glad you liked the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. I think it’s adorable and Daniel liked it too. They even used my cheesy joke in the show. :tongue:

Great pictures so far, can’t wait to see the rest. :smile:


WElcome home! I love your pictures and report so far…bring on the rest!


Sue, I am glad you finally put up your trip report. What a fantastic and action packed first day. Can’t wait to hear and see more :wink:


So glad you posted a trip report! Great photos so far, can’t wait for more. We felt the same way about Stitch. We loved the Laugh Floor too!


i am excited TR I haven’t benn able to sit down and read one for a while. :blush:


A new TR just what we need to help ease the pain of waiting for out trip to come. Love all the pictures and look forward to more.


Since MGM was sooo packed yesterday with the Super Soap Weekend, and we had so much to see, we decided to to Magic Kingdom for the day (reservations for dinner at Mama Melrose at 4:20 for Fantasmic)

We started our day with Breakfast at the Crystal Palace at 8:25. So we got to enter the park with very few people there. It was so nice.

We were seated around 9:45. The breakfast buffet was wonderful, so many delicious selections. But I was a little disappointed in our waiter. We had to ask several times for refills of orange juice, sometimes twice for one! Also we had just missed the characters coming to our table. They were at a couple table past when we were seated and we actually waited, along with the table beside us for 1 1/2 hours for them to come back. We ended up being there almost 2 hours. To me this was too long. We were wasting park time as well as if they would have gotten us in and out, they would not have had the wait they did outside.

But it was worth waiting for the characters!


loved this view

decorated for Christmas


Oh I am getting so excited!! I can’t wait to see the Crystal Palace!!


Finally we were finished and started our day. This was a good choice to be at MK today. There were almost no lines for rides/attractions.

Enjoyed climbing the treehouse!

We had a 5 minute wait for POC. I really enjoyed it. Seeing Jack Sparrow really added to the ride! and I loved the mist at the beginning.



I knew there were props from the movie in the gift shop. I asked a CM there and he didn’t know what I was talking about. He told me to ask the girl at the register. She looked like I was crazy and said the only keys there were the ones for sale. She asked the other cashier, who did not know, but another CM came along at that time and she asked him. He smiled and was more than happy to show us the key and medallion. I thought it was so awesome that we got to see these props.


That’s awesome that someone was able to show you the props. TOO COOL!