Suggest hotels in the LA area please


When we visit Disneyland in June we are staying at the Disneyland Hotel for 3 nights but THEN we will still have two and a 1/2 days for me to tour my Dad around the LA area. I know where I want to take him and what I want to show him but I haven’t found a place to stay for those two nights?

My husband and I stayed at the Loews on Santa Monica beach but I CANNOT afford that this time. I need to find somewhere decent, UNDER $150/night, and centrally located.

Since we will only have 2 & 1/2 days I am showing him the Santa Monica pier and promenade, Venice Beach saturday morning hoopla, Hollywood & Los Feliz area, and all the typical LA area stuff.

So where should I stay?? Thank you!!!


Hey Wish,

Check out the Elan Hotel Modern in Beverly Hills. It includes breakfast and weeknight cheese and wine reception. It’s across from the Beverly Center in so it’s in a busy area, but you have great shopping/eating nearby. It’s centrally located for an LA tour as well.
They have good deals at their site or by calling them, and it should be within your budget (also, look at the package or two that includes dinner at Grand Lux Cafe (owned by Cheesecake factory–yummmy!), a personal shopper at Bloomingdales, a tote and some other discounts for $335 for two people, for two nights! A little more than $150 per night, but you’re getting dinner) that may work for you. It is very unique/cool in it’s design, retro and modern all at the same time.
Here is the link: Elan Hotel Modern
I haven’t stayed, but I used to put clients there all the time–they loved it and the area it’s in :happy:


Wish, we stayed in the DL area and did day trips to LA. It wasn’t much of a drive at all (and remember I’m a RI-er: we have to pack a lunch when we travel more than 20 mins from home). The hotels were way cheaper in Anaheim and we were confident we were in a safe area there too.