Suggestion... All Star Movies or DTD?


We are going to Disney in June and we have a late flight coming in. Yet we want dinner. Our flight arrives around 6:30 in MCO and we believe the time we get to the hotel would be around what 7:30?? Depends on the line. I was wondering if you suggest going to DTD to get some T-rex which we really want to do or just stay at All Star Movies and eat their… Also how far is DTD from All Star Movies?


I would just plan to eat at the food court at the resort. By the time you get checked in it’s going to be 8:00 and then 8:30 by the time you make it to DtD. If you’re feeling good and excited then you can hop at bus to DtD for dinner but you may be dragging and just want a bite to eat before you crash.


That’s true… I guess it really depends on how we feel. Does All Star Movies have online check in?


I think you may be expecting too much as far as being at the resort by 7:30 if your flight lands at 6:30. Keep in mind you have to de-plane, wait at luggage claim and then check in at ME and wait for the bus to leave. We sat on ME for a good 20 min before we left. We had a really smooth arrival and were the first stop on ME and it still took us 2 or 2 1/2 hours to get to a park. Having said that, I don’t sit around on the first day/night! It’s just not my personality! I’d absolutely leave the resort to eat. Plan a late ADR that gives you ample time and if you’re early then great!, you can kill time in the shops. GL!


If you want food court food, or are just too beat to travel to DTD, then yes, Movies food court.
However, if you want something better than a food court, get on the bus and go to DTD and try House of Blues.


Personally, I’d stay at Movies and hit the food court. Tired from travel, check-in, etc., I wouldn’t bother bussing over to DTD. Grab a bite in the food court, float in the pool awhile, hit the sack early, and start fresh in the am would be my plan.


I’d toss the kids in the pool and serve them food court chicken nuggets and fries poolside.


Since you are not planning to go to a park for EMH:

If it was me the equation would look like this- ASM + food court + pool = a sane evening and a fully charged gang for day 1.

If my DW was responding she would say she would instruct me to take her to MK or face instant death.


I would say stick around the resort and chill. Perhaps take a swim or play in the arcade


:laugh: We did both our last trip! Ate at the food court in Pop then went to the MK!! Our plane was delayed as well. So we made a breakfast ressie at Chef Mickeys to compensate.


Like Disney Teacher, I would just grab something at the food court. Maybe head to DTD after if you are itching to do something. I know how it is when you arrive and you are just excited to do something…anything…as long as there is a mickey around…lolol


I think this is a matter of personality - but I agree with most folks that I wouldn’t push the clock too much and eat at the resort food court. If you tried to get form MCO to ASM to DTD all in one evening, you will be spending lots of time waiting and on busses - and the timeline may not work out as smoothly as you would like.


Personaly I’d stay at the resort, explore, chill at the pool and have a good nights sleep ready to get up early for a day at the parks :happy:!


The “fresh start” in the morning does it for me, I always find I’m up too late the night before leaving with last minute packing/organizing/cleaning.

A lounge by the pool and a bright and early first morning can be really attractive. For us, normally the only “relaxing” that happens.


Thanks guys ;)… we’ll see if we get in early or late. It really all depends on how the flight was and if we are tired.


Definately see how your flight, arrival, ME and check in go. Then make your decision on what you want to do.

Me, I would stay at the resort, relax and be well rested for the first park day.