Suggestion Needed


Made all my dinner reservations except for the night we will be in Downtown Disney… Suggestions Please…


Well…what type of food/experience are ya looking for???


The last time we were there, we ate at the Rainforest Cafe! It was very good, but it gets extremely crowded rather quickly! What we ended up doing, was becoming a member right on the spot! they gave us a temporary membership card, and put us on the priority seating list! we waited for about 15 minutes! Plus, we got to use our membership throughout the year at any Rainforest Cafe! We go to the one near us quite regularly, so we keep re-newing our membership!


More expensive but good is Fulton’s Crabhouse.

Good and less expensive is Wolfgang Puck Express.

If you have a time machine, of course, Fireworks Factory :crying: would be ideal, but it closed years ago. Alas!!



Earl of Sandwich!


I’m going to say Portabello’s.


New Irish Pub Rahglan Road is supposed to be good.


Love Wolfgang Puck Express :heart: Yummy!


OK, so it isn’t Disney, but House of Blues!!


I’d go to Earl of Sandwich.


I love Fulton’s, just fantastic, but pricey.

We tried to go to Earl of Sandwhich last week, the line was over an hour to order, but then again, Rainforest was over 2 hours on a Sunday night at 10 PM.


Earl of Sandwich all the way!!! We went there our last trip for the first time and now it will be a #1 priority everytime we go!!! Great food and great prices…and gets you back out shopping MUCH faster…could even go to Ghirardelli for dessert!!!


I can attest to Raglan Road being good! The food was excellent. if you go later in the evening, there’s bound to be some live entertainment, too.


Earl of sandwich is excellent if you are up for a real good sandwich.

We’ve done Planet Hollywood a few times and ejoyed it.


i think one of downtown disney is the rainforest cafe.:mickey:


:happy: :wub: Wolfgang Puck Cafe!!! :happy: :wub:


I vote for Earl of Sandwich…unless they want a sit down rest.


You all are wonderful.
I think it will be Earls for lunch and Wolfgang’s for dinner
How does that sound?


We’re doing Wolfgang Puck–the menu looks good!!


Well, we don’t do seafood, so Fulton’s is automatically out for us. The last few times we’ve been to Planet Hollywood, it’s been OK… But we LOVE Rainforest. That place is so much fun, and the food is pretty darn good too…