Suggestions at restaurants


I have been looking at the menus to some of the places we will be dining in Aug/Sept. Does anyone have suggestions for these restaurants:

  1. Spoodles
  2. Artist Point (just added)
  3. Jiko
  4. Kona

Thanks everyone!


I moved your thread :smile:

I have no idea about any of those restaurants.
Artists Point gets a lot of really nice reviews. Anita Answer on Deb’s site had a long blog about it a few months ago.

Spoodles is Cavey territory. He’ll be along shortly to put his 2 cents in, I am sure


Thanks Dopey!


We loved Artist’s Point.

It was a more “grown-up” restaurant and very quiet, for Disney. The menu was good - the salmon outstanding. If you get a table overlooking the lake and time it right, you can see the Electrical Light Parade go by.

Spoodles is good - if a little eclectic. And muh noisier.

(I’ve got a thing about noise).

We’ve only eaten breakfast at Kona Cafe and it’s one of our “must-dos” now. I love everything about it. The friendly staff, the atmosphere, the food.


Oooh! The Penn Cove Mussels appetizer at Artist Point aren’t to be missed. They are wonderful! It’s a huge portion- enough for a meal, more than enough for several people to share (although you might not want to). It comes with a soup spoon- because you’re not only going to want to soak up the liquid with the bread, you’re going to want to slurp it all up. It’s THAT good. :wub:

At Spoodles I also enjoy the Mediterranean dips appetizer. But for me, the only thing that is “absolutely can’t miss” is their bread and olive oil that they give you at the beginning of the meal. Mmmmmmm…


I have not eaten at any of these BUT we plan on eating at Kona in November for dinner. After reading the menu 500 times, I’m leaning towards the shrimp&scallop dinner and the CHOCOLATE FONDUE for dessert.


I looked at that also. I am looking forward to chocolate fondue also!


I love Kona! Everyone is out ruling me b/c we’re trying new things this year and so I had to give it up. But I LOVE it! I can’t wait to try the chocolate fondue!!! Maybe I’ll get my cousine to come with me next visit and leave the other lady’s behind!
Artist Point I went to once on my honeymoon. DH got the salmon and LOVED it. I don’t remember what I had but we both truly enjoyed the meal. It’s not somewhere I’d bring the kids though. Its a place I’d go to expecting to relax and have a very nice dinner w/ DH.
Don’t know about the rest!


First timers to Artist Point get the buffalo. The cedar plank salmon is good as well, though you might consider asking if they’ll swap out the pork belly hash for mashed potatoes or rice. If they still have coffee two ways for dessert, get it. the spring rolls and the mussels are both good appetizers.

Jiko, try one of the flatbreads or the seared ahi tuna for appetizer. For main course try the short rib or the sturgeon. Dessert try the vanilla mousse, the lemon curd, or the cheesecake.

Spoodles, more mussels, garlic shrimp, or 4 cheese flatbread for appetizers. The lemon garlic shrimp linguine, cornish game hen, and chicken cutlet for main dish. Chocolate financier cake, amaretto flan, and gelato for dessert.

Kona try the crab cakes. The sticky wings are just OK.
Main course try shrimp and scallops, pork chop, or beef teriyaki.
Dessert Kilauea tort, banana chocolate creme brulee, or white chocolate cheesecake.
Most of these places have filet mignon on their menus too, but no lobster.

These are actual recommendations from someone who’s eaten in these places.


Now Dopey’s a moderator??? (I’m gone for a little while and everyone turns to the dark side. I feel so alone.)

Anyway, the strength of Spoodles is in its appetizers. I could dine happily on those alone. I’m also partial to the seafood stew, which is ironic, because I don’t eat a lot of fish, but this is gooooood.

Someone mentioned Spoodles is loud. I’d say compared to a signature place like Artist Pointe this is probably true, but Spoodles is much quieter than your typical WDW establishment. Romantic atmosphere. Very few children. Two thumbs up in my book.


Artist Point is one of my top 2 WDW restaurants. (Le Cellier is the other).
The salmon is wonderful, the portobello soup is amazing, and somehow you HAVE to save room for berry cobbler!


I can’t really comment on Spoodles, Artists Point or Jiko because we have never been to any. However, we do have Jiko on our list for the next trip so I can’t wait to see everyone else’s suggestions.

We really enjoyed Kona so much on our last trip, we ate there twice. The Teriyaki Steak and Shrimp & Scallops were the big hit with our gang. For appetizers, we enjoyed the wings and crab cakes, but I really loved the Kona Chowder, which I heard the took off the menu.:frown: For dessert, the Kona Cone was the winner with the kids and I enjoyed the Chocolate Macadamia Nut Tart. Speaking of Macadamia Nuts, the bread & butter served with dinner is just plain YUMMY!!:wub:

I think that Kona may be the most casual of all the places you listed, so I guess it also depends on what you and/or group is in the mood for.


Dopey’s been a moderator for quite some time now.
The seafood stew at Spoodles is gone, unless that’s how you refer to the Steamed Mussels with chorizo and saffron cream appetizer.
Don’t forget also, all the tapas items have been gone for a few years now Cavey.
We usually eat dinner late, so noise is less of an issue. Also, though I can’t vouch for DW, I’m able to excuse or otherwise smile as most unruly or overactive children, partly because it is WDW. That and I don’t have any ankle biters or rugrats of my own.

While I’m commenting here, I’ve noticed that Artist Point has dropped Coffee Two Ways from the dessert menu, so ignore that recommendation of mine.

  1. Spoodles – Cheese Flatbread and Margaritas!!!
  2. Artist Point (just added) – Duck Salad!!! and Cobbler


Can’t remember what we had - but I do remember that we really enjoyed our dinner at spoodles last year.


Curious…Do first timers get the buffalo b/c they don’t know better (as in they don’t know that there are tastier things on the menu) or are you saying it is a must have?

I do not plan on getting the buffalo b/c I have had it before ( not at Artist Point but I LOVE IT) and want to try something new BUT if you are saying it is not to be missed I will consider ordering it.



Andrea is so right, the tappenade thingie they have at the beginning of the meal is a good reason to go to Spoodles. The greek salad is also really good! (But it’s all about that bread and tapenade)


I can’t drink:crying:
It’s not a drunk thing. It’s the medication I take for my psoriasis.


If you have had buffalo before, then no, it’s not a must get. It’s a few years since I’ve had it myself, but it was good. It’s more a must because of it’s uniqueness. The places where they offer buffalo are few and far between. Also, if you’re on a dining plan, you’ll want it because it’s the high dollar item.
I guess some of my posts can be kind of mean, but I won’t recommend things I think are bad or worse.


I have eaten at all of these. Here are my recommendations:
Spoodles: The Cornish Game Hen or the Red Snapper.
Artist Point: A top five restaurant at Disney for me. The Buffalo Sirloin is amazing!
Jiko: Another of my top fives. The Seared Sturgeon will make you cry it is so good.
Kona: The Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi-Mahi.