Suggestions for Disney Dining for Thanksgiving Week, 2009?


Help! I need dining suggestions for Thanksgiving week while in Disney. I prefer buffet, but am willing to do standard meals at a restaurant that has good food.

Any suggestions?


If your looking for Thanksgiving type food LTT has Thanksgiving food year round! It is a family style meal.


If you fon’t have them now it going to be hard to find anything.


You will likely have a hard time finding specific times and places to eat. At this point, you will need to be very flexible.

Are you looking for Thanksgiving Day?


I have to agree, flexibility will be key. I was there Thanksgiving week last year. For Thanksgiving Day, most places serve a Traditional Thanksgiving meal. I went to 'Ohana HOPING for some of their regular menu and the only thing the same was the salad. I was disappointed. :crying: