Suggestions for DW trip


Okay, DH said he wants to go back to DW.

Last year was our first trip in 11 years and we “didn’t smell the roses” we pretty much ran ourselves till we were wore out. (Remember we’re 50 now)

Last year when we went we were there for the Christmas kickoff, which was amazing, lights, etc. But we had a couple colder nights and it got dark so early.

We’re thinking of October maybe, still warm but not the summer hot, also daylight longer. Suggestions - pros and cons…

Also, we said that if we did NOT do the dining plan we would not have to stick to a schedule. But I was figuring (without the tip for TS meals) we would still be paying at least $17 for each CS meal x 2/day is $34. For $38 we would actually have a good meal a day.
Opinions here…

OR… would you do a Disney Cruise and how much more expensive would that be?

come on, help me out.


I love that you’re thinking about another WDW trip. Now you know you can’t do it all in one trip so there’s no point in trying. You know what you liked and didn’t like so much last time so you can plan around that and take time to relax every day even if it’s just a bench in a quiet area to people watch.

Even if you don’t do the dining plan you can plan a couple of nice meals where you can relax and enjoy a couple of hours of being waited on.

October is a great time, not too busy and the weather is nice.


I love that you are heading back there. Do go in OCtober…it’s a perfect time to visit. You can still do the dining plan and have a sit down planned for each day without being a slave to a schedule. If you change your minds when you are down there, just cancel.


This is what I want - relaxed visit. Can you believe I didn’t even see one hidden mickey the whole week we were there?

Even thought I LOVED the Christmas lights/displays I was thinking October would be enjoyable because of the nicer weather and longer daylight.


The first couple of times we went to WDW the trips were “once in a lifetime” trips and we felt like we had to do it all in 6-7 days. After started going more often we slowed down a bit and we enjoy our trips so much more.

We went with a good friend back before we all had kids and he wanted to go back to the room and take a break every day! :eek: I remember thinking that was such a waste of time but by the end of the week I discovered that we missed most of the afternoon rain and I loved being able to shower before going back out for dinner. I’m still not a napper but I love to go back to the resort and freshen up while my son swims for an hour or two.

WDW can be as relaxing as you want it to be. Make time every day to do some special and relaxing, even if it’s simply finding a bench to relax for 20 minutes while you have a snack and drink.


Planning an October trip? How wonderful!

Best part: October is Epcot Food & Wine Festival, which will be very special and convenient too, because you can walk around Epcot and try little servings of delicious foods, which won’t cost a bundle! They cost anywhere between $2 and $4… WOW nice!!!

If we were going in October, I wouldn’t get the dining plan, because I know we’d be sampling the Food & Wine fare as our dinner practically every night!

Here is a link for the Food & Wine menus and other info:
Epcot Food and Wine Festival Menus