Suggestions for Restaurant for Adult Birthday


Any great ideas would be appreciated. We will be at DL for my DW’s birthday and I know there have to be some here that have the inside tips. Thanks in advance.


Are you looking for something on or off-site?


I would prefer on site but I’m open to off site as well. We are stying in Fullerton with relatives so off site would not really be out of the way as we are driving a bit each day anyhow.


Most definitely Blue Bayou. It’s the only restaurant inside an attraction (Pirates of the Caribbean). You get a great view of the boats headed into POTC.


[QUOTE=LittleMissMagic;924654]How about dinner at California Grill (American Cuisine) at the Contemporary Resort? They pipe in the music for the Wishes and dim the lights - one of the best fireworks locations.

Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian (seafood) has a similar fireworks view - minus the music.

Then Boma (African) at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is also a lovely restaurant (at a less expensive price)… no fireworks view, though, but the resort itself is amazing.

Edit: I didn’t notice this was a Disneyland thread. Scratch all of that.

Most definitely Blue Bayou. It’s the only restaurant inside an attraction (Pirates of the Caribbean). You get a great view of the boats headed into POTC.[/QUOTE]

Disneyland, darrrrrlink

How about Napa Rose at the Grand Californian? Voldemort has a great food report on that restaurant in her trip report from October.


ok, I found Voldemort’s post it is #243 on this page
Definitely worth reading. Keep a napkin close by, because your mouth WILL be watering :wink:


Napa Rose is a wonderful spot for a birthday celebration.

If you want to be top shelf…

Jazz Kitchen is a “fun” venue, with live music and more festive.

There are some really nice restaurants in the Fullerton area…

But it all depends on your wife.

Does she want to be wowed and wooed by food?

Or be able to listen to live jazz, yummy food and the possible outdoor dining?


[QUOTE=Dopey;924669]Disneyland, darrrrrlink

How about Napa Rose at the Grand Californian? Voldemort has a great food report on that restaurant in her trip report from October.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I realized that a couple minutes after I posted and didn’t feel like erasing my valuable WDW information. :laugh:


Not sure what the wife will be in the mood for then but keep in mind that our kids will be with us. They are well behaved but I don’t want to bore them to death either.


I have to say that I was ABSOLUTELY surprised at how amazing my 30th birthday dinner was at “Steakhouse 55” in the Disneyland Hotel! The food was amazing, service even better, & they treated me like royalty for my birthday! That was my first time eating at Steakhouse 55 and I will DEFINATELY go back! For an adult I’d recommend it 100%.

Actually I think two other MB members celebrated a B-day there; Peppertink & ReadyToGo (I forgot who’s birthday it was though :tongue:) Hopefully they see this & can tell you about their experience there.


I have to agree with Wishy. We did indeed celebrate Ready2Go’s birthday there and we were very happy with everything! The service was great, it was a nice atmosphere(quiet) and the food was amazing! Our steaks were cooked to perfection, exactly as we asked. We would def. go back. We have also enjoyed a very leisurely breakfast, or two, there as well.


If you’re thinking of a very nice off-site restaurant, you might try the Orange Hill restaurant in Orange. It’s, as the name indicates, up on a hill with a very nice view of Orange County:
Orange Hill Restaurant | Orange, California

Since you’re near the beach, you might also consider some of the Newport Beach restaurants, such as The Rusty Pelican (Rusty Pelican) or Woody’s Wharf (Woody’s Wharf - Dining, Drinks & Dancing on the Newport Harbor!).
If you like spicy, Cajun style food, and want something a little more low-key, try Jack Shrimp (Jack Shrimp…A taste or New Orleans in Orange County!).
For something exotic, try Darya (Persian and Iranian Restaurant and Dining Darya Restaurant located in Santa Ana, Orange County, California), across the street from South Coast Plaza, for Persian food. It was amazing! You could make it part of a shopping day, for a day away from the parks.


good point :closedeye:


The kids might not appreciate Napa Rose…:laugh:

Steakhouse 55. I remember hearing about it, but when I was in law school I couldn’t afford it. And, frankly, in the past six years I sort of forgot about it…

It sounds like a nice, quiet, out of the way place to celebrate one’s birthday.


From the suggestions and reading other reviews online it looks like Steakhouse 55 is in the lead.


wow! thats pretty sweet to know too. thanks for asking this question.


We have also eaten at Steakhouse 55. It was a great meal. But it was just my wife and I. If my kids were along, I would lean toward The Blue Bayou. If you are even considering The BB, I would make a reservation now just in case. It doesn’t cost you anything and is easy to cancel. I’ve never been able to get in there without an ADR.


This may be a bit late, but here are restaurants I would suggest for a nice adult bday dinner - All are sit-down, no counter service restaurants are listed:
The Blue Bayou - Disneyland Park (kid Friendly)
Cafe Orleans - Disneyland Park (Kid Friendly)
Catal Restaurant - DTD (Adult Centered)
Naples - DTD (Kid Friendly)
Jazz Kitchen - DTD (Kid Friendly)
ESPN Zone - DTD (Kid Friendly)
Steakhouse 55 - Disneyland Hotel (Moderate for Kids and Adults)
Goofy’s Kitchen - Disneyland Hotel (Kid Friendly - Do they even serve dinner?)
The Napa Rose - Grand Californian Hotel (Adult Centered)
Storytellers Cafe - Grand Californian Hotel (Kid Friendly)
Yamabuki - Paradise Pier Hotel (Moderate for Kids and Adults)

Hope that helped! Now do take into mind that there are MANY other Restaurants to eat at, but these I felt were more appropriate for an Adult/Kid friendly dinning locations that were sit down and not counter service/not overly loud like Rain Forrest Cafe, etc…and I feel that to make a really awesome Bday dinner that eating on property is a must…but thats just me!


I meant to update this after our trip and forgot. Steakhouse 55 was awesome! Delicious meal and the service was excellent. They gave my wife a little dessert and even a card signed by the staff. She love her birthday there and we are going back this year.


Awesome, I’m really happy to hear you two had a great dinner experience! :smile: