Suggestions Needed Please


So we want to try some new dining locations next year. We are not going to do the dining plan this time but that does not limit our options. There will be 7 of us. 5 adults, a 7 year old, and a almost 2 year old (at time of travel). So what should we try? Here are the ones we’ve already tried:
MK-Crystal Palace, Liberty Tree, Tony’s, CRT-Breakfast & Lunch
MGM-50’s, Sci-Fi, H&V Dinner (before characters added)
Epcot-Le Cellier, Storybook breakfast
AK-Donald’s, Rainforest
Resorts-Chef Mickey’s, O’Hana, 1900 Park Fare, Mickey’s BBQ

Okay so tell me one place I ABSOLUTELY MUST try in each park and resort area.


Epcot - tangerine cafe (CS), marrakesh (ts), cantina de san angel (cs)

AKL - boma

Poly - kona

haven’t been to the table service ones at all (yet) but soooo looking forward to them in september!


Epcot- Mickey’s Garden Grill in the Land Pavillion…It was awesome…great interaction with the characters…Mickey etc.


The Garden Grill, The Coral Reef, Cape May, Planet Hollywood


I’m really leaning toward this one. As I’ve heard great things about character interaction. Is the food good? We aren’t real picky so as long as it is edible we are cool.:laugh:


The food is good - nothing to fancy - but good - all the veggies are grown right in the pavillion - and the booths are large and comfy and it’s revolves - very slowly - so you can see the Living with the Land Boat ride. I think it’s ideal for small children.


I read the menu on allears. I love the fact that kids have other options that what is on the family style platter. When we go to LT DD never eats a thing, maybe a bite of mac & cheese but that is it.


Question - Is LTT the only one that the characters dress up on MNSSHP nights? We will be there in October again and going to the party so I was curious.


Well, I’m sure she’ll eat the “dirt and worm” :laugh: yummy!


Nope she won’t. EXTREMELY picky!! She doesn’t like gummy worms or oreos.:confused: I don’t understand it at all. She likes ice cream and chocolate chip cookies and that is the only dessert she will eat.


Alot of people like Boma. I didnt care for it.:nuke: Try 1900 Park Ave.:happy:


I think you have exhausted the TS at MK, and the only one you have left at MGM is the Brown Derby. But you still have lots of new options for Epcot- Biergarten, the Japanese hibachi place(with a new name that I can’t remember), Garden Grill, Rose and Crown. I enjoy Boma at AKL, I hear great things about Ohana at the Poly, Earl of Sandwich and Raglan Road at DTD. Lots of options!!
Don’t you just love trying new restaurants?


Sounds like you have already tried most of the ones I would suggest!

As far as resorts go… we absolutely love Trails End Buffet at Fort Wilderness. It is right next to Hoop D. They have the best fried chicken. Great food!

Epcot - San Angel (Mexico)… great atmosphere. The Cantina is great for CS also. Heard they have a new Italian Rest. in Italy.

Animal Kingdom - Flametree BBQ is a great CS also.

MGM- Mama Melrose’s can get seating for Fantasmic.

MK - Casey’s Corner has the best hot dogs!

DTD - Earl of Sandwich is AWESOME!!! Ghiradelli’s for dessert!

OKW resort - Olivia’s

POR - BoatWrights

Just a few suggestion.


Cape May Breakfast at the Beach Club. It was the best Character meal that we’ve had at WDW!!


MK -
you covered all the table places there…

Epcot -
coral reef
rose and crown

Momma Melrose

AK -
Yak and Yetti

resorts -
whispering cayon (WL)
Boma (AKL)
Mickey’s Backyard BBQ (FW)
Hoop-de-do review (FW)
Flying Fish


I didn’t list the CS because I’m looking for new TS options. I have definetly now added Garden Grill to the list to try. I’m afraid of Hoop De Doo because of DD being so darn picky. There is NOTHING on the menu she would eat. That is alot of $$ for her not to eat a bite. I really want to try it but if they don’t have other options on the food we will not. Is Brown Derby or Mama’s better at MGM for such a picky eater?


We will either try Yak & Yeti or the new character buffett at AK as both will be open by time we go. I guess we will just do a old favorite at MK.


Your DD sounds like my son, he’s so picky but we go to Hoop Dee Doo every trip now. We just tell our server that we need something else for him to eat. You can get chicken strips, fries (steak fries), mac and cheese, pizza, and several other items. Last year I asked for some extra crispy fries. We were talking to our server about how picky Nate is we said he only eat baby carrots as a veggie and apples or grapes for fruit–a few minutes later he returned with a bowl of carrots and grapes. We’ve been to HDD 3 times and have never had a problem getting something for our picky eater.


I feel your pain - my picky daughter is 23 years old!

How about Prime Time Cafe?


So it doesn’t get better?

We have added a new food this summer than Nate actually loves so I guess we’re getting there. Of all foods he now loves fried shrimp! He tried it in June and has had it 4 more times. He actually ordered it as his meal when we went out to eat the other day. He puts a ton of pepper on it and digs in.