On my “girls only” trip - Rebecca and I will be spending our last night in the MK with EMH until 1:00am. We want to do dinner either at the MK or at one of the monorail resorts - what do you suggest?

'Ohana (I haven’t been since the menu change??)
1900 Park Fare
Chef Mickeys

Or something else?

We ate together at Tony’s in April and I’m doing Crystal Palace with my family in late September. We’ll only have 1 TS credit to spare each, so the signature meals are out.



From those 3 choice I would pick 'Ohana.


That’s what I’m leaning toward…


Then there’s always a boat ride to WL for dinner at Artist Point. It’s one of my favorites!


Artist Pointe is 2 credits.

But, WCC is fun, too! However, for girls only, I would pick Chef Mickey’s or 'Ohana



Yeah, all you can eat skillet!! Yum! I’d vote for that one…
I wouldve said ohana’s but since they changed that menu I don’t know…


What about Kona cafe? We are trying this in July when we are at WDW without the Kids!


Here’s my advice: Don’t do Kona Cafe for dinner, especially if you are paying cash. You might as well go to Ohana, it’s more food for about the same price or less. There’s more to choose from and they should be able to find at least one thing they like after all that stuff is brought out. And the menu hasn’t changed that much really.


We’re not paying cash - on the FREE dining :biggrin: - but I think I’ve decided to try 'Ohana. Another plus is that I have it booked for our first night of our BIG vacation (just three weeks after Rebecca and I will be there) so I can try out the new menu and see what I think. Then I’ll have three weeks to try and get another ADR if I don’t think the new menu is up to FIRST NIGHT AT DISNEY par…

Thanks for the suggestions, as always.

So…here’s our three dinners…
Le Cellier

Can’t wait!!! :mickey:


Perfect choices!!! :c)


Sounds great!!!


Ok…it’s all changing. We’ve decided to check in on Thursday night, which gives us another TS credit each.

NOW, I’ve got Spoodles & Teppanyaki, for sure (changing LeCellier to Tepp b/c it’s more Rebecca’s style and I’ll be back at LeCellier with my family later in the month)…

But here’s my current dilemma - do we do a breakfast one morning (Kona Cafe is good, right?) and keep our last night dinner @ 'Ohana, or skip the sit-down breakfast and book a signature meal for our last night? If so, what? We’ll be at the MK - we’ve done the Cali Grill…how’s Narcoossee’s? Or CRT? How’s the food there…is the “experience” worth it?


Ohana is such a wonderful experience… no matter how you feel about the new menu, you can’t go wrong!!!


Did you decide yet?

I woulda definately gone with 1900 Park Fare
the food there is EXCELLENT and Cindy, Prince Charming, the mice and Fairy Godmother are there.
This is also my favorite restaurant and 1st year I wont be doing dinner here this year (trying something different)


I love Kona Cafe, I say go for it…
But then again, a signature meal sounds good too… hmmmm
did you check the menus at Narcoossees?
there’s so many good signature restaurants…
We did CRT for breakfast last year, the food was good but I dont think that it’s worth the price… IMO… But it is nice to dine in the Castle… to do it at least once is nice… I dont know how their dinner is though…


Yes…we’ve decided…we’re only going to be there three days (four nights) and pulling some LATE nights at that (two EMHs and Jellyrolls) so we decided against breakfast… Our new and probably final plans are:

First night at Teppanyaki - EMH evening at Epcot
Second night at Spoodles and head over to Jellyrolls after dinner
Last night at Narcoosees - EMH evening at MK

Can’t wait!!!