We decided on a last min. trip to WDW. We are going june 19 to june 23. Staying at the Poly. We are going for Star Wars weekend. Most of our time will be between Disney Studios and MK.
Dinning reservaions are hard to come by! We have a 6:30 at Kona Cafe on Friday the 20th.
Any suggestions for place we might be able to get another ADR?
I think we just need one for Sunday night.
We are getting a sitter for the kids on Sat and going to EPCOT to watch the BEE GEEs tribute band! So we do not need one for Sat.
We are pretty open to any type of food. Kids are not picky eaters. Maybe
Concord Steak House? We would like to stay in the MK monorail/Disney Studios areas.
Kids are 8 and 3


Did you try 50’s Prime Time or Sci Fi? I like 50’s better but Sci Fi is good too. What about…somewhere in the GF like 1900 Park Fare…or Chef Mickey’s in the Contemp?
Concourse is closing soon…I can’t remember when exactly but if you’ve always wanted to eat there now would probably be a good time :laugh:


We are leaving Poly the 18th - perhaps you’ll get our room!

Have you considered Narcoosse’s? It is in the Grand Floridian. WE LOVE IT, and it is easier to get ADR’s here. It is a signature restaurant, so if you are on the DP it is two TS vouchers.

GREAT FOOD and my kids (4 & 8) really like it. SMORES made tableside for dessert!


That’s a really short notice, but, your best bet, and the food is fantastic here as well, is Restaurant Marakesh at Epcot. I have eaten here several times and each time has been extremely good. Don’t let the funky names throw you.


Sci Fi is great fun for kids (and adults too)


I think I read that Concourse Steakhouse was closing May 30th.

I had a hard time getting ADR’s too since we planned a trip (also for star wars weekends) last week.

50’s Primetime had alot of great slots open (during the weekend too!!) but I couldn’t get anything for Chef Mickey’s, Sci Fi, Liberty Tree…

Also try Mama Melrose, they also had some openings (but we will be there the weekend before you)

It’s worth the shot though!!


Thanks Narcoossee is a great idea. We went there a few years back- no kids. But both my kids like seafood also- so that would be a good idea!


Thanks everyone for the good ideas. Dh had the idea to go for Star Wars weekend! Don’t want to turn down a trip–but not a lot of time to plan!Thanks again for all of the good ideas!


Leave a secret code somewhere:angel:


how about whispering canyon over at the Wilderness Lodge…


Concourse Steakhouse is supposed to be closing this week in advance of The Wave’s opening.
How late do you want to eat? I find it’s always easier to get a table closer to closing time. Try anything on the beam. See if you can get into Narcoossee’s or 1900 Park Fare at the GF, or even the Grand Floridian Cafe as your last ditch. There are some really good places on Crescent Lake/Boardwalk in the 5 hotels there (only the 3 Disney hotels are dining plan participants though), but you can’t get there directly from the Poly. You’d have to get to the MK bus station and get a Yacht/Beach bus or a Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin bus.

Have you thought about trying for Tokyo Dining or Teppan Edo in Japan?


What about the buffet at Fort Wilderness I think its called trails end or something


Thanks for all the good sugestions- I never thought of the boardwalk area. We have a car so that would be a good idea. We are not doing the dinning plan this time. So it does not matter if the place is on the plan or not.
Thanks so much… exactly what we were looking for off the path- good places. I did not even know that there was a GF Cafe.

Thanks again!


That is a good idea also! We can take the boat over from the MK!


Trails End at fort Wilderness is awesome


We’re going next week and had tried to make ADR’s for Concourse Steakhouse and the CM said it definitely will be closed on May 30th. It was difficult for us to get the times we wanted for ADR’s when I made them a couple months ago so I can imagine getting a good ADR this late will be difficult. Keep trying for what you want there may be cancellations the closer get to your departure date.