Ok, I need some suggestions for a family of 6. We have been to just about every restaurant in the 4 major parks, and I do want suggestions or places to avoid… Then I need hotel restaurant suggestions for monorail loop places… Thanks.

Like should I go to Kona Cafe at dinner? When should I go to Ohana? What about the wave? Anywhere worth going in the GF?

Oh yeah, I do want some ideas about Coral Reef…

I am going with my husband, two kids, and the grandparents (who are youngins by the way)…

Thanks for the suggestions? And is there anywhere that you HAVE to eat?

We upgraded our hotel (thanks 4/3) so now, I feel like we are going somewhere totally different for vacation…


Have you tried Hoop Dee Doo? It’s fun for all ages.


Kona Cafe for dinner is great.
'Ohana would probably be your choice for breakfast (with Lilu and Stitch).
I like 1900 Park Fare for breakfast and Narcoossee’s for dinner at the GF, although 1900 has a princess character dinner every night that the kids might like.
I’ve seen some mixed thoughts on The Wave, mostly along the lines of, we’re waiting for the first revision of their menu, although we’ve had reports of good meals there.
I also enjoy California Grill, but I’m not sure how the kids would take to it.


We’ve dined at the Coral Reef a few times in the past. As kids, we really enjoyed it… but my dad always wined about how it wasn’t worth the money. We didn’t notice - we were eating off the kids’ menu! :laugh:


Definately 1900 Park Fare for the little ones.

There is also Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. That is sooo much fun!


1900 Park Fare is a good place to go, especially if you have a daughter. :heart:Ohana’s is my favorite place to go. Breakfast was good and the characters were wonderful.:closedeye


You didn’t mention how old your kids are, so I’m going to assume they’re under 10. With that, Chef Mickey’s is really fun for breakfast, even if the food isn’t that fantastic. We really liked O’hana for breakfast, as well. We are planning to have 1900 Park Fare in June, as it’s been a couple years since we’ve been there, but the characters are wonderful there.

We ate at Coral Reef in October, and I have to say I was VERY disappointed. We had to wait about 30 minutes past our ADR, we asked for 2 high chairs for our twins and were seated at a semi-circle table that couldn’t accomodate them and there was nowhere else to sit, our server was slow, we didn’t get the tank-side table we asked for, and the food wasn’t that good. We will not be going back anytime soon. In Epcot, though, we really have enjoyed Teppan Edo in Japan. The food was really good, and it’s entertaining for the kids.


I have to recommend O’Hana at the Poly. They have really good food, plenty of it (as much as you care for), fun for the kids and a great atmosphere. This is one of our favorites and we eat here every time.


What kind of entertainment do they have? Epcot is always the one place we have trouble choosing dining.


I too have to recommend O’Hana at the POly and 1900 Park Fayre for breakfast is a wonderful experience. In addition, the dinner shows such as Mickey’s Backyard BBQ and the Hoop De Doo are terrific fun for all ages.
We did the Polynesian Lau last trip and although it was pleasant we wouldn’t rush to do it again.


Our Must Do’s:
*Le Cellier (D)
*Ohana (D)
*Sci Fi Dine In (L)
*Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn CS - (L & sometimes D too)

Great Places to Try:
*Kona Cafe (B)

Places to Avoid:
*CRT (D) the food wasn’t that great and wasn’t worth 2 meal credits
*Hollywood & Vine (D) once again, the food was adequate at most
*Garden Grill (L) great atmosphere but the food wasn’t good


Wave was so-so, 1900 and Ohana great for Families.


At Teppan, your chef is the entertainment and it’s a lot of fun. Kids (ours and others I’ve watched have a good time). The menu (it has meat, chicken, shrimp) is kid-friendly.


See, I knew that you all were awesome… this gives me a lot to think about until March 7th… I had better get busy!