Suggetions for down time first day in WDW


My family is all going to WDW in June 2012 and we are getting in to Orlando @ 10:30 am and transporting to BLT by 12:30. Check in isnt til 3:00.
So, what do we do in the meantime? Suggestions?:confused:


The boat dock at Contemporary has a ton of choices for boating and fishing! We really enjoyed our bass fishing excursion, which leaves from CR, and we also like the little race boats. If we were in your situation, we would definitely call ahead and book a fishing tour. then we’d check our bags with bell services at BLT and then head out onto the water for some big fun!


Even though the resort will not check you into your room until 3pm, they will check your bags. They will lock everything up for you and you are free to go do whatever you want. Including use the parks if you have tickets for that day. You could also use the pool or hit up DTD.


What she said! You’re just a hop, skip and a jump from the MK. Drop your bags and walk over. They’ll even call you when you room is ready. (if you’re feeling a little grubby from the flight, just pack a change of clothes that’s easily accessible and freshen up in the washroom - that always makes me feel better.

Of course, there is always the chance that your room will be ready!


We would usually drop the bags and head to DTD if we weren’t doing a park. Have a great lunch at Rainforest or T-Rex to get the vacation started! However, out of the last 11 trips our room has been ready by noon 8 times. So we must just be lucky.


The minute we arrive, first thing to do is to see if our room is available even if it’s not at check in time. I’d say 75% of the time, it is. If the room is ready, drop the luggage off in the room, catch some lunch at the Mara (for us we are usually at AKL) and head out to the parks. If the room is not available, same routine, but first check bags, then eat, then parks.


Since we usually arrive midday we never use a park tic on the 1st day. We’re more early risers than late stayers. After checking in and setting up the room we head out and resort hop for a bit having a beverage/snack at each stop, usually by the pool bar (but not the pool :ph34r:). Hit the resorts on the monorail, watch the animals graze at AKL, look for the guyser at WL, take the boat from DTD to the PO’s.
We’ll usually end the day at Boardwalk or DTD. Your kids may be interested in DisneyQuest or a round of golf at SummerWinterland.
Don’t foget about the movies at the pool/beach in the evening, or the campfire with Chip n Dale at FW too.


If I went down in June I think the pool would be a must do, after a long flight that would seem a perfect way to start the vacation.

We also love the little water mice boats, and we always make at least one trip to DTD, so lots of options.



Go to DTD and have lunch and fun at the Lego store.


Our flights almost always get in around that time. Most of the time, our room is ready. If not, we stash our luggage with them, grab our tickets and head over to whichever park is open the latest that day. You can have them phone you when your room is ready or just wait until later to check in. I always pack necessities either in the top part of my suitcase or my carryon, so I can get to them if needed.



If you use on-line check in your room might already be ready for you. If not leave your bags and headout for lunch at one of the resturuants on the monorail.


You’re arriving at 12:30 (perhaps later if your flight is delayed) and I’ll bet you’re hungry.
But before you go to eat, check in no matter what time it is. Your room could even be ready or will be shortly. When they say check in time is 3 PM that only means that they won’t guarantee your room will be ready any earlier.
Now, get some food. There’s quick serve places on the 4th floor of the Contemporary and at the Poly. You could go into the MK and kill some time there just wandering until you get a call your room is ready.
You can also waste time by taking the monorail all the way around. You can grab a boat to Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge.
Feel adventurous? Sammy Duval’s Watersports Center is at the Contempo’s marina and you can go parasailing or rent a wave runner.
Heck, you can even rent a pontoon boat and have food delivered to the boat so your family can have lunch out on Bay Lake.

And that’s just staying close to BLT.
What’s Mr. Voice say on the bus?
Oh yeah, “It’s all waiting for you”.


We also love the little water mice boats, and we always make at least one trip to DTD, so lots of options.


The Water Mice were retired in the middle of the last decade and superceded by Sea Raycers.


See if your room is ready. If not, grab lunch, resort hop, swim. We love to spend a few hours switching from monorail to big boats to little boats all around the Seven Seas Lagoon.


Say it ain’t so ! ! !

The first time I rode one that is what they were called, whatever they are now, they are still a blast.



[QUOTE=GrumpyDad;1108487]Say it ain’t so ! ! !

The first time I rode one that is what they were called, whatever they are now, they are still a blast.


They’d be even more of a blast with a 20 hp motor instead of a 9.9 like they have on Bay Lake.


In the 20+ times we have been to WDW, only about 3 times our room has not been ready. But, if your’s is not, check-in, drop your luggage at the Bell Desk and take the monorail around to the different hotels and check them out. There is plenty to do after a plane ride by just enjoying the sights too.


We always drop the bags and have the front desk text us when our room is ready.I would go swim or shop or go to Downtown Disney and people watch or gab some lunch.


Whatever you do, DON’T go streaking. I know it sounds tempting, but GrumpyDad was asked to leave Victoria & Albert’s for not having a tie…or pants.


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